Find out What a Custom Rehab Program Can Do for You

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If you’ve suffered an injury, undergone major surgery, or been in an accident, your body can be seriously weakened.  Having lost crucial mobility, muscles can descend into atrophy (shrinking).  Great care must be taken to rehabilitate your body and return it to normal function.

When you’ve been down for the count for awhile, your desire is to get yourself back up and doing the activities you love.  The temptation to rush the process is all too common.  It’s necessary, for total recovery, that you approach rehabilitation in the spirit of moderation, with an eye to effective and permanent recovery.

The physical therapy, sports medicine, chiropractic and acupuncture clinicians at Back & Body Medical can help with that.  We’ll show you exactly what a custom rehab program can do for you, under one roof, in New York City.

Custom care.

Everybody’s different.  Every body is different, too.  That’s why the creation of custom rehab programs is one of the signature services at Back & Body Medical.  Your individual needs are addressed from the point of intake.  We follow through with leading edge diagnostics to discern where your problem areas are.  Then, we assemble custom care that honors your individual needs.

What a custom rehab program can do for you is set you on the path to total recovery.  We don’t rush.  We don’t guess.  Assembling a program, tailor made for you, we draw on therapies proven effective by scientific research.  Choosing from a wide range of therapeutic options, we’ll help you rebuild your body.

Your role in rehab.

Doctors and therapists aren’t magicians.  The magic happens when you and your therapeutic team work in concert, making your custom rehab program effective.  Your committed collaboration is the key to success of physical rehabilitation.  That means doing your homework.

Part of the physical rehab process is a highly personalized program of home exercises.  If you don’t do them, you’re not going to discover what a custom rehab program can do for you.  It’s customized to your needs, but you are the captain of the ship.  That means staying on board through the course of your program and doing what you need to in order to fully recover.

Back & Body Medical in New York City – the rehab people.

Back & Body’s multi-disciplinarian clinicians are the rehab people in New York City.  Our custom rehab programs are realized in one state-of-the-art facility in the heart of the Big Apple.  That means you visit one clinic, offering all the rehabilitative care you need.

Our team of professionals is fully invested in your recovery from injury, surgery, or loss of mobility due to an accident.  Our business is getting you back in business.  Find out what a custom rehab program can do for you, with us.

Call to book an appointment.  We’re the rehab people in New York City.  We design effective, safe and personalized rehab programs that work.

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