Fear of Chiropractors?

How to Lessen Your Fear of Going to the Chiropractor

Do you need to seek pain relief from a chiropractor?  If this is your first-time seeking chiropractic care, you may be both excited and overwhelmed.  You want a pain-free life, but any new medical treatment is scary.  You have nothing to fear about this natural healthcare, but it may be difficult to stop your mind from wandering.  So, how can you lessen your fear of going to the chiropractor?


Know that they are real medical professionals.  It is widely accepted now, but in the past, it was touted as a form of alternative medicine.  These are real medical professionals, just like your primary care physician.  They just specialize in all-natural pain relief with manual therapy.  Someone cannot just wake up and decide to be a chiropractor.  Years of schooling, training, and testing is required.


Think about the pain.  Most experts suggest not concentrating on pain.  For many, it just makes the pain worse.  You want to think about the pain.  Think about it a lot.  Consider where it hurts, how much it hurts, and how it is negatively influencing your life.  Does your neck pain prevent you from playing with your kids or enjoying a game of golf?  Once again, focus on your pain and the limitations it imposes.


Next, think about the relief.  You just realized how your pain is influencing your life and it is never good.  Now, focus on the relief.  What would you do if you didn’t feel pain?  You would feel less depression, be able to play with your kids, and enjoy some of your favorite hobbies.  A life without pain sounds nice doesn’t it?  You have no reason to fear a chiropractor but focus on your life without pain.  It should give you that extra push you need to attend your appointment and with confidence.


Ask those you know about their experiences.  Chances are, you know at least one person who has undergone chiropractic care.  Talk to them.  Whether it be a family member, friend, neighbor, or coworker, ask about their experiences.  What type of treatment did they undergo?  Ask them to explain in detail.  Ask about pain.  Did they feel any during treatment and did the pain subside afterwards?  If your acquaintance has nothing but good things to say about a certain chiropractor, consider seeking treatment from that same practitioner.


Ask to meet with the doctor beforehand.  One of the fears people have isn’t necessarily related to the practice of chiropractic, but their new provider.  It is always nerve-racking meeting with a new medical professional.  You are entrusting that person with your life and to cure your pain.  A positive working relationship is a must.  See if you can meet with your new chiropractor before your first appointment, even if just for five minutes.  Gauge their personality and their passion.  Pickup forms while there, so you can fill them out at home and not in the waiting room at your first appointment.


While at your appointment, ask questions.  With primary care physicians, some patients are so worked up about the blood-drawing needle that they don’t even know why samples are taken.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Ask your chiropractor to explain each action.  It will ease your fears, as you are not unaware or left wondering.  You always know what is going on.

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