FAQs on Lumbar Support Belts

Back pain relieving braces

Many patients often find relief from medical equipment such as back braces, wrists splints, knee braces and more. All this type of equipment is designed to promote relief, a bit of rest for the body and to help improve healing and function. Within each niche of pain conditions, there are several types of equipment available. In this post, we’re going to look at three back pain relieving braces to see their application and how they help.

Elastic Lumbar Support Braces

Elastic lumbar support help provide support while still enabling the patient flexibility of movement. They are designed to help muscle tiredness, reduce pain and improve function. They also help reduce dependency on pain medication as well.

They are particularly good for stenosis patients and studies have shown as much as an 80% improvement on patient’s walking distance for example.

The brace should be worn over thin clothing and not worn at all at night. One downside is that they may increase blood pressure.

Rigid Lumbosacral Orthosis

The more traditional back brace is rigid in construction and means the patient doesn’t have as much flexibility of movement while it is being worn. This lack of movement helps a spinal injury to heal better along with adjacent soft tissues. It helps with muscle fatigue while decreasing pain.

These rigid braces are great for spondylolusis, post surgical low back pain, instability and degenerative spondylolisthesis,

The downside to this type of belt is that patients may not wear it so much due to it being more uncomfortable and so may not experience the full benefits it has to offer.

Sacroiliac Support Belt

This brace supports the sacroliac area by limiting movement around the SI joint.

It helps decrease pain while ultimately improving movement.

During the assessment process, patients may have a compressive force applied to them for the doctor to view their walking. This is done to see if the belt will be useful to the patient or not.

These belts are designed to help heal afflicted areas in which they are designed for and to provide support. On their own, they may not provide a full recovery and should be used alongside other treatments as per your doctor’s recommendations. They are a fantastic aid when used properly and under proper instruction.

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