Why Believing Injury is a part
of extreme workouts is Dead Wrong

Extreme Workouts Should Never Lead to Injury

There is no denying it: Extreme workouts are for a special kind of person. The kind of person that is highly motivated, incredibly tenacious, and driven to perform. The kind of person who knows that he or she can achieve what the average person doesn’t even dare to dream about.

At Back & Body Medical, we believe that extreme workouts are not just the way to physical transformations, but that they are also the way to mental transformations. We’re confident that extreme workouts have the power to make you a better person and to help you live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

xtreme-painUnfortunately, many people are turned off by the idea of extreme workouts because they fear injury. But the reality is that extreme workouts don’t necessarily have to turn into extreme pain. Being a part of the extreme workout community doesn’t have to mean suffering through injury after injury. Burpees shouldn’t cause severe back pain, and deadlifts definitely shouldn’t result in torn patellar tendons. When it comes to extreme workouts, the bottom line is that injuries aren’t OK.

At Back & Body Medical, we firmly believe that you should be able to reap all of the benefits of extreme workouts, both mentally and physically, without getting hurt. We believe that injuries only impede your goals and stop you from realizing your full potential, which is why we are committed to delivering high-quality care for those who practice extreme workouts.

Extreme Workouts Can Equal Extreme PainThe owner of the industrial-like facility said that he failed her because he did not tell her that extreme workouts would hurt. And from the context of the article – it was pretty clear that what he meant by “hurt” was getting injured.

He went on to give his list of injuries. Some serious… like two torn patellar tendons. He also described his father dying young – and how his father was “fat and alone.” On the contrary, because of extreme workouts, he (the author) is fit and surrounded by real friends.

There is one big flaw to all this. The big flaw is the belief that all of this okay. In other words, the only way to be in shape, have great friends, and all the other benefits of being a part of the extreme workout community is to have injuries. If you want to avoid injuries – you will be fat, out of shape, and miserable.
The fact of the matter is – you can excel without all the injuries.

And the first step to doing it is not listening to people who tell you, “You will get injured – injuries are part of working out hard.”

Promoting Safe & Healthy Extreme Workouts to Maximize Results

mechanism-injurySo, how can you avoid extreme workout injuries while still ensuring progress and maximizing results? There are three major points to keep in mind:

Spend time mastering technique. At Back & Body Medical, we believe that before you jump into extreme workouts, you need to take the time to learn proper technique. Improper technique is one of the leading causes of extreme workout injuries. That’s why it is critical to be patient and spend a sufficient amount of time truly mastering form and technique.

Too many people get caught up in what they see others doing and want to rush ahead and compete before they have the proper foundation. But the truth is that by taking the time at the beginning to master form and technique, you will actually reach your workout goals faster, as you will not only reduce your risk of injury but will be doing the exercises in the absolute most effective way. You will see more results with less energy. The bottom line is that poor technique will inevitably lead to injuries and stagnation. You won’t get the results you are striving for in your ideal timeframe. Great technique, however, leads to tremendous gains, and you are more likely to see the results you are looking for.

Choose the right exercises. No two bodies are alike, and everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the right exercises for each individual is critical. The exercises and workouts that are good for you might not be good for someone else. When determining the right exercises for each individual, it is critical to consider a variety of different factors, including pre-existing injuries, experience, strength, etc. It is important to remember that many extreme workout exercises require a solid foundation.

Jump straight away into extreme workouts without that foundation, and you risk getting hurt. Instead of generic, one-size-fits-all workouts, we’re here to work with you to develop your individual foundation and help you maximize your full potential to get you the results that you are looking for.

Getting the right workout for your needs and abilities means choosing a great place to train with highly qualified coaches who understand extreme workouts as well as muscle and joint biomechanics. Professionals should know how to tailor workouts to your individual abilities and how to develop workouts that take any pre-existing injuries or sensitivities. We’re always here to push you, never to injure you.

Respect your limits. During extreme workouts, people often get caught up in the intensity of it all and simply go too hard. It’s good to push yourself to the next level, but sometimes people try to push through the wrong kind of pain — pain that is caused by an injury. Stopping when you have an injury doesn’t mean you are weak. It means that you are smart. At Back & Body Medical, we’re committed to helping you understand when pushing can take you to new heights, and when it can lead to a traumatic injury. Remember, consistent workouts in which you push yourself but still respect your limits are a surefire way to make progress. On the flip side, getting injured and trying to push through it regardless is a surefire way to stagnation.

The ultimate key to working out safely is to find a space for extreme workouts that will push you while still supporting you to stay healthy and injury-free, as well as a professional who can provide you with guidance related to technique and treatment for injuries if needed.

What’s the Secret to Dramatically Improved Performance?


It is important to note that the vast majority of injuries aren’t sustained suddenly as a result of an accident. Rather, the majority of injuries are a result of sustained wear and tear, whether that wear and tear is occurring because of poor technique or because you aren’t taking the time to properly recover and rest as a part of your extreme workout regimen. The reality is that injuries typically start out as a small problem then get worse and worse gradually.

important-exerciseFor example, when athletes blow out their back, it is rarely the product of a single traumatic event. Rather, the point at which the problem becomes totally unbearable is typically the breaking point. The problem likely got worse and worse until it hit the injury threshold. This is because the functioning of the back depends on both soft tissue and joint structure, including the muscles, connective tissue, and osseous (bone) joint structure. Microtrauma to the muscles, also known as strains, can cause small amounts of scar tissue, which, in turn, alters the functioning of all of the other structures a bit. More intense workouts lead to more microtrauma, which inevitably leads to more altered function. And the more altered the function, the more imminent the injury.

The problem with this is twofold. First of all, when your function is altered before the “big” injury, you aren’t performing optimally. That means slower progress. Believe it or not, this is actually why many professional athletes have joint complex function-focused doctors. These medical professionals can help keep them functioning optimally while also helping them avoid injuries. Furthermore, many professional sports teams now have chiropractic physicians on staff. Secondly, of course, injury can prevent you from participating in workouts, which inevitably leads you to stagnate — or even to digress.


Know this: Being a part of the extreme workout community doesn’t have to mean suffering through injury after injury. Burpees shouldn’t cause severe back pain, and deadlifts definitely shouldn’t result in torn patellar tendons. When it comes to extreme workouts, the bottom line is that injuries aren’t OK.

Extreme workouts can be a great way to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life. You’ll be more fit — both physically and mentally. And there is no need for injuries to be a part of the equation. If you want to avoid getting injured during extreme workouts, the keys are to master technique, respect your body’s limits, and know what kind of pain you can push through and what kind of pain you can’t push through. And you can also contact Back & Body Medical for a chiropractor that can help you maximize your potential.

Then you can work out as hard as you want . . . without having to worry about injuries!

  • Having to get injured while working out shouldn’t be something to get used to.
  • Choosing the right fitness doctor and coach are imperative to steer you toward exercises that are the best for your body .
  • MASTER a technique and fully UNDERSTAND it before trying to beat your personal best.
  • Understand the difference between good pain that your body can handle and injury pain that you should get proper treatment for.
  • Invest in a top chiropractor to help your body achieve at its optimal performance and, most importantly, to avoid injuries.



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