Exercises For Posture Correction – Upper East Side Experts List Recommendations

posture-correction-collageGood posture is not only a mark of confidence. Apart from that, poor posture can contribute to a host of health problems, such as back pain, especially if your job entails standing or sitting down for an extended period of time. On top of that, bad posture can make a person feel tired.

There are several causes of bad posture. One major contributor to poor posture is fatigue. Standing and sitting straight require muscle support; however, keeping proper posture for an extended time can cause fatigue to the muscles involved.

Another reason why some people have poor posture is because of improper foot placement. When the foot placement is unnatural and uncomfortable, it becomes difficult to maintain proper posture.

Finally, poor posture can be attributed to a person’s age. As one gets older, the muscles required to stand and sit straight become weaker.

Fortunately, bad posture can be corrected. If you are looking for techniques for posture correction Upper East Side experts offer a few easy ways to help you stand straight.

If you have hyperlordosis, a posture wherein the curve of your lower back is pronounced, you have to perform a few exercises in order to remedy the tightness of the muscles found in the lumbar region and your hip flexors, as well as to strengthen the muscles in your core and legs. These exercises include planks, hip flexor stretches, thigh stretches and side-lying leg raises.

Apart from these exercises, there are a few other things that you should remember in order to achieve proper posture. These include standing with your feet at least hip-distance apart, balancing your weight evenly between your feet, keeping the legs straight and the knees relaxed, and keeping the shoulders back and relaxed while pulling in your stomach.

People with a flat back tuck in their pelvis while their lower backs are kept straight. Often, these individuals have a difficult time remaining in a standing position for an extended period and are prone to lumbar pain. This problem often stems from muscular imbalances as well as muscle tightness and weakness. The recommended exercises for this condition include planks, chest stretches, back extensions and side-lying leg raises.

Some people stand up while leaning on one leg. This may feel comfortable, but when left unchecked, this could lead to muscle weakness as well as pressure on the side of the lower back and hip that are favored. In order to correct this problem, it is recommended that you perform exercises like planks, side-lying leg raises and bridges.

If you notice that your chin pokes forward while typing or watching the TV, it may mean that the screen you are using is either placed too high or too low and you are compensating for that with poor posture. Over time, this poor posture can lead to neck stiffness and pain, headaches, and shoulder and upper back problems.

In order to remedy this, it is advisable to adjust the screen as well as your seat. Also, you should be mindful of your posture and make sure that you lengthen your neck while pulling your shoulders back and pulling your stomach in.

Rounded shoulders are an indication of chest muscle tightness and weakness in the upper back. This may be caused by a muscular imbalance as well as exercising the chest muscles too much while ignoring the back muscles. This can be remedied by doing exercises like planks, bridge, back exercises and chest stretches.

With the right exercises as well as mindfulness, the body can be retrained in order to achieve proper posture.

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