Electrical Stimulation Therapy (TENS) Could Be the Answer for You

Electrical Stimulation Therapy (TENS) is a helpful complementary treatment used to address physical issues that can cause pain. Extensively employed to treat muscle spasms, Electrical Stimulation Therapy can also prevent and help to correct muscle atrophy and re-build strength in those who’ve sustained injuries.

Electrical Stimulation Therapy is a safe, effective therapy which has aided recovery from injury and surgery for millions of people, all over the world.  Pads which contain electrodes are adhered to the skin.  Through them, a controlled electrical current works to induce muscle contractions in affected areas of your body.  Depending on the injury or issue being addressed, the electric current can be calibrated to deliver a more intense contraction.  Electrical Stimulation Therapy promotes circulation, muscle strength and stimulates nerves that are sending pain signals to your brain.  Many patients report immediate relief from pain with the use of TENS therapy, when used either as a stand-alone treatment, or in concert with other therapies.

Our award-winning treatment and therapies are complemented by advanced diagnostics to get to the bottom of what’s causing your specific issue.  Our team can then assemble a personalized program of evidence-based treatments to correct the problem, including Electrical Stimulation Therapy.  Our job is to provide you with the most effective therapeutic plan possible to speed recovery from injury, promote healing and get you back to feeling more like yourself.

Comprehensive therapies. Focused diagnostics.

Using a wide range of treatment models, our professionals work with you to systematically address your issue.  We’ll assemble the most effective individual treatment plan based on your needs.  All the treatment and therapy you need is right here under one roof, for your convenience and rapid recovery.

Our physical therapists, doctors and chiropractors prefer a balanced, evidence-based outlook when it comes to treating all types of physical conditions.  At Back and Body Medical, we take a conservative approach that delivers outstanding outcomes for our patients.  Electrical Stimulation Therapy is only one of many possible therapies available here, under one roof.

You’re in the best hands, with us.

The treatment you’ll receive from our comprehensive team of specialists relies on Back and Body’s state of the art diagnostic processes.  Great care is taken to examine the status of each patient and devise an effective, personalized treatment plan.  TENS therapy could be the answer for you, or it might be part of an integrated clinical solution.

We will engage as a team to help you heal, recover and take steps to prevent re-injury, or resolve any underlying problems.  Our team of medical specialists is here to get you back to feeling your very best.  They’re the consummate professionals, working together for the exceptional patient outcomes Back and Body Medical is known for.

Convenient Midtown location.

Back and Body is located in the Midtown New York City, on 58th Street, between Park Avenue and Lexington.  Near the 59th-Lexington subway station, we’re conveniently sited to serve our patients.  Call us at 917-832-1802.  Find out if Electrical Stimulation Therapy is the answer for you.

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