E-Cigarettes: How Safe are they?

How safe are e-cigrarettes?

E-cigarettes have certainly taken the market by storm. They were once dubbed an answer for smokers to quit the real thing, but still keep up the habit on something healthier. But are they really healthier? And are they attracting the younger generation and encouraging them to smoke? Let’s find out what the dangers of e-cigarettes really are.

We’ve all seen the person using an e-cigarette in a place where smoking isn’t allowed, and their argument is that it is completely safe, it’s just vapor. 

Today we are going to talk about a study from an environmental research journal (February 2017). So you’ve all been wondering why when you see people using e-cigarettes in places that wouldn’t be appropriate for a cigarette that they think it is okay since the vapor is clean and there is no product.

However, they took a look at the five leading brands and they took a look at the liquid inside. They did an analysis and found out that the five contained some interesting things. They contained cadmium, chromium, led, magnesium, and nickel. All of those mentioned are considered heavy metals and are known to be toxic if inhaled.

Now, the researchers did state that they weren’t sure if the aerosol product was also allowing the user of the e-cigarette to inhale the heavy metals, but it makes you wonder if it’s in the liquid and being vaporized, where will the heavy metals then go?

This should be taken into consideration not only for the user of the e-cigarette, but for any secondhand users who may be around a person who uses an e-cigarette realizing that you may also be exposed to the possibility of heavy metal inhalation.

This does warrant further research studies to see what kind of exposures are around, but until we find out that information, you are better safe than sorry.

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