Dr. Solomon Yusupov, DC

Dr. Solomon Yusupov is a graduate from Northeastern College of Health Sciences, formerly known as New York chiropractic College. He obtained a Bachelors of science degree in exercise science with an emphasis on kinesiology and biomechanics.  He refined his chiropractic adjusting techniques by attending  Motion Palpation seminars in addition to his regular schooling.

He attend York College to receive his bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Biomechanics.  Like Dr. Perna,  Dr. Yusupov has a strong background in exercise rehabilitation.

He attended NIMMO Seminars to better his skills in soft tissue techniques that included trigger point work.  Excellent to relax tight, sore muscles.  Dr Yusupov is also a New York City local resident.

In addition to working in physical therapy departments in the past he also worked as a certified personal trainer. Since a very young age, Dr. Yusupov has been involved in athletics, nutrition, health and fitness. Some of his current hobbies include competitive weightlifting and powerlifting. His previous occupations include serving his community as a certified personal trainer and fitness professional.

Dr. Yusupov is passionate about chiropractic and rehabilitation and aims to incorporate strengthening exercises along with traditional chiropractic care.

His goal is for everyone to get back to doing the activities they enjoy doing pain free and better than ever.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Yusupov for pain relief to help with whatever issue you are facing, click here.

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