Don't Call in Sick to Your Chiropractic Appointment!

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‘Tis the season for colds and flu and it seems that people are just dropping like flies.  If you’ve succumbed to a seasonal illness, you’ll probably be tempted to pull the covers over your head and hunker down with Netflix and a box of Kleenex.

But if you’ve got an appointment with your chiropractor, calling in sick is about the worst thing you can do.  For one, your nervous system is intimately linked to your immune system, so coming to see me for an adjustment is going to make you feel better.

Don’t call in sick to your chiropractic appointment!  Instead, show up, get ‘er done and go home feeling way more like yourself.

Your Symptoms Tell a Story

Your symptoms tell a story and it doesn’t end at the pile of used Kleenexes tossed on the floor next to your sick bed.  When a virus gets the better of you, the symptoms you exhibit are your immune system doing what it’s supposed to in order to flush it out.

Your nose may feel like a faucet but it’s doing its job by ridding your body of the virus and accompanying organisms.  Running a fever?  That’s also your immune system at work.  When your body temperature rises, your immune system kicks into high gear, effectively killing the invading armies of cold and flu viruses.

Runny eyes?  That’s your body protecting the cornea from potential damage due to the fever by keeping them moist.

And don’t worry about not having an appetite.  When you eat, your body’s energy is directed toward digestion.  When you lose your appetite due to a cold or flu, the energy you need to fight the illness isn’t compromised by the function of digesting your food.

So, while it’s not at all pleasant to be a sneezy, snotty mess, it’s completely natural and a sign that your immune system is operating at full capacity.


We’ve all heard about the dangers of “presenteeism” (showing up to work when you’re sick).  You can make your co-workers sick when you play the martyr.  But if you have an appointment scheduled with your chiropractor, your best course of action is to call and say you’re sick.

We can work around that!  Knowing we have a patient coming in who’s carrying a bug is our cue to do all we can to ensure you don’t infect other patients (or us).  We’ll schedule your appointment at either the beginning or end of the day, so that you come in contact with as few people as possible.

And remember that we’re all trained medical professionals here, well versed in the protocols required to contain the spread of disease.  So, don’t call in sick to your chiropractic appointment.  Do yourself a favor – throw back the covers, suck it up and come in.  You’ll feel better.

We promise!

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