Don't Be Hamstrung by Hamstring Injuries Says 10022 Chiropractic

Our 10022 Chiropractic wants you to know that you are at risk for lower limb injuries, more specifically hamstring injuries, if you participate in sports that use great acceleration / deceleration, cutting left and right, agility, jumping, and bending in a pose. In Australian football, hamstring injuries affect 16 percent of players, which equals about 3.4 missed matches. These players can be highly affected by these hamstring injuries.

A study was done in 2010 that assigned 57 male Australian football players to a control group who got the best medical, practice, and sports management, and an intervention group who got the same care plus a sports chiropractic manual therapy injury prevention program which consisted of manipulation/mobilization and or soft tissue therapies to the spine and lower extremities. The two groups got a minimum of one treatment per week for a six week period, one treatment every two weeks for a three month period, and one treatment a month for what was left over (three months).

At the end of the season, the study concluded that the group that got the chiropractic injury intervention program had much a smaller amount of lower limb muscle strains and weeks missed from no contact knee injury than the other group. Although this study was focused on low limbs, the Chiropractic group also experienced lower amounts of back pain.

Dysfunction in one area of the body often leads to pain and stress in another area, which is why it is important to examine the whole body rather than just the area of pain. Here at our 10022 Chiropractic clinic, we take the steps to heal you in all forms. If you are having any pain, make sure to come see us at our 10022 Chiropractic office.

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