Do You Suffer from Tinnitus?

Do you suffer from tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a very common problem, even with patients in New York City. It’s the perception of sound that does not technically exist and is mostly only heard by the sufferer. Some 10% to 20% of people suffer tinnitus in some form. For most it is mostly heard in quiet conditions but for others it can be heard over anything and can be debilitating.

While the cure for tinnitus still alludes us, treating it may be an option. For most, habituating to the sound is the best form of treatment at present. In some cases, depending on how the condition occurred, then there might be a chance of reducing its effects or even making it disappear once and for all.

In many cases, ear wax build up can be a reason that it seems louder. Seeing an ENT and getting your ears cleaned may help it. In some cases, one overlooked area of treatment is the cervical spine.

A 2015 study looked at some 87 chronic tinnitus sufferers and found just under half tested positive for cervicogenic tinnitus. This is tinnitus where the origins of it are to do with neck issues. Whiplash for example. Chiropractic adjustments around the neck area could help this type of tinnitus.

Another report in 2020 looked at a 67 year old who suffered from neck pain, headaches and tinnitus. After having chiropractic adjustments around her neck area all of her symptoms reduced. Moreover, her follow up appointment some 6 months later she again felt improvement again.

The study showed that adjustments along with at home stretches and exercises helped her condition to improve and offer hope for tinnitus sufferers everywhere.

Chiropractic care at appropriate areas of the body may have a good impact in reducing tinnitus. Many other studies have shown short term benefits with manual therapies such as chiropractic care with spinal manipulation.

If you suffer from tinnitus, have you tried chiropractic care? We may be able to help you. At the worst your back and neck will feel freer with better function. At best, you may experience a reduction in your tinnitus as well.

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