Deep Gluteal Syndrome Treatment in New York

What is Deep Gluteal Syndrome?

Deep gluteal syndrome is literally a pain in the butt. It is a pain that when the sciatic nerve is irritated, generates pain down the back of the leg. Several things can cause this nerve issue including fibrous bands, the gluteal, hamstring & piriformis muscles, and lesions. These are just a few of many more issues that cause the syndrome.

It’s important that the patient’s history is looked at along with a physical exam as it can help understand the causes as well as provide insight to where the issue is actually coming from. For instance people who have entrapment with the sciatic nerves who have a history of trauma, or pain when sitting are prone to the syndrome. Moreover muscle weakness and poor reflexes can result.

It’s important that when examined, both the lumbar spine and the hip are examined due to their close relationship to understand if there’s a cause from there. If this isn’t done, then chronic pain will likely result leading to a poor quality of life. An accurate diagnosis is important.

One study discovered that a piriformis muscles that are tight can play a significant part in deep gluteal syndrome. The study suggested an exercise that from the seated position, this muscle could be loosened. From the seated position, cross the leg and hold the knee of this leg. Pull towards the opposite shoulder. Then arch the lower back and twist towards the side which has the crossed knee. Then, for a minute or so rotate that knee in a circular motion and this should help the muscle. This exercise can be done several times a day.

As ever, early intervention is important because it’s easier to fix a problem early on compared to leaving it to later where multiple problems could arise. Conservative care can be very effective in the early stages, but once it is worse, then other treatments such as injections or even surgery may be necessary.

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