Find out What a Custom Rehab Program Can Do for You, Busy New Yorker!

physiotherapist with older patient

New York City is a concrete jungle.  Maybe it’s where dreams come true, but it’s also where swinging from that slim vine each and every day can take a heavy toll.

One false move on the subway platform – a shove here, an elbow in the ribs there – and what was once a nagging ache can become a major problem.  Perhaps you’ve suffered a previous injury that hasn’t resolved.  Maybe you’ve undergone surgery and haven’t been as diligent with your physical therapy as you might have been.  When you’re least expecting it, old problems can rear their heads in a New York minute.  Let’s face it. Clutching your aching body part and hanging from a subway hand strap don’t go together.

If you’re one of those busy New Yorkers who needs a little extra help on the way to healing old wounds or new ones, a custom rehab program can help you do that.  At Back & Body Medical, we’re the skilled clinicians who are ready to show you what a custom rehab program can do for you.  Drawing on our four areas of specialization – chiropractic, physical therapy, sports medicine and acupuncture – we’ll design a highly personalized rehab program that will get you back to swinging through the concrete jungle, feeling better than ever.

Personalized for you.

You’re unique.  So is your body.  That’s why the creation of custom rehab programs is one of our signature services.  At Back & Body Medical, your individual needs are addressed from the point of intake.  We follow through with highly-focused diagnostics to get to the root of the problem.  Then our team works together to produce the custom rehab program best suited to your needs.

What a custom rehab program can do for you is get you back to your New York City, vine-swinging best.  We know you’re busy, so we assemble a program that expedites healing and returns you to full function, so you can get back out there and get re-acquainted with the subway hand strap of your choice.

We design the program.  You engage with it.  That gets you back to the concrete jungle in fighting form.

Find out what a custom rehab program can do for you.

The concrete jungle warriors of New York City can find the custom rehab program they need here at our state-of-the-art facility in the heart of the Big Apple.  That means you visit one clinic, offering all the rehabilitative care you need.

Back & Body Medical’s team of clinicians has what it takes to help you come back from and injury, surgery, or loss of mobility due to an accident.  Find out what a custom rehab program can do for you and get back to swinging though New York City’s concrete canyons like a pro.

Call to book an appointment.  Back & Body Medical builds effective, safe and personalized rehab programs that get you back to that vine – and that subway hand strap.

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