New to Crossfit? Here Are 5 Quick Tips for Crossfit Workout Recovery

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Crossfit is a growing fitness trend that’s highly demanding and highly effective.  In another post, I’ve described some of this dynamic exercise program’s health benefits.  Here, I’m going to talk about 5 quick tips for Crossfit workout recovery.

If you’re new to Crossfit, you’re in the starry-eyed devotee stage, no doubt about it.  That happens to a lot of people.  But here’s the thing – falling in love is dangerous.  It can expose you to all manner of peril.  Not taking the time to adequately recover from your Crossfit workout is a hidden booby trap many fall into.  To help you avoid that, let’s talk about 5 quick tips for Crossfit workout recovery.

1. You need to rest.

I know it’s super tempting to throw yourself at Crossfit like maddened fitness warrior.  That’s surely part of the draw here, but you need to rest.  Take at least two days off, every week, if not three.  Giving your body a chance to recover is key to your success with Crossfit.  Don’t stop moving, though!  Go for a walk, or take a gentle Yoga class.  Be nice to yourself, so you can get nasty at your next Crossfit session.

2. The right fuel.

A key factor in recovery from any exercise (especially intense exercise like Crossfit) is ensuring you fuel yourself adequately.  You have just subjected your body to a rigorous workout.  That demands that you eat as soon after your Crossfit session as possible.  Complex carbohydrates and protein are most effective immediately after you’ve completed your work out.  You body will be crying out for them and will derive maximum benefit.

3. Self-care matters.

We’ve already discussed taking a break, but you also need to be aware of how much sleep you’re getting, if you’re going to recover successfully from this intense training model.  8 hours every night is what you need, so get it.  Taking a hot bath or shower before bed is one way to prepare yourself for sleep.  Regenerate your body with plenty of water and skip coffee and alcohol for at least several hours before hitting the sack.

4. How do you roll?

Foam rollers are terrific post-workout recovery tools.  Your muscles will be tight and possibly sore after a Crossfit workout.  By targeting the muscles that are complaining loudest, your recovery will be speeded.  It may be a little “ouchie” at first, but with time, you’ll find that these little recovery helpers are indispensable for relaxing and soothing your hardworking muscles.

5. Focus on mobility.

Crossfit is well known to enhance joint mobility, but you can push this effect even further by taking a Yoga class or stretch and strength mobility class on your resting days.  Classes like these will help you focus on areas which need improvement and increase your body awareness, while continuing to support your muscles in post-workout recovery.

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