Crossfit & Extreme Sport Injuries Catered for at Back & Body

At CrossFit Koa watching 20.3 go down.
The Crossfit Open is upon us and over in our New Jersey practice, we had members of Crossfit KOA come in and see us for treatments. Dr Perna himself is a member of the club and is also competing in this years open.

At Back & Body Medical, we also treat many crossfitters and active athletes and team sports players, helping them return to fitness and stay that way. Crossfit of course, is an extreme sport and very easy to get injured if you are not careful. Thankfully our tailor made treatment plans will help get you back to full fitness sooner rather than later.

And that’s one thing that sets us apart, our treatments are not cookie cutter. Thanks to our collaborative approach to injuries, our doctors come together and discuss your injury and pain before developing a plan of therapy that is tailor made to your injuries. This way we treat the cause and are able to rehabilitate you back to full fitness.

Moreover, as a keen crossfitter myself, I can give you advice and tips to help you avoid injury in the future by developing better skills within the gym. Prevention of injury is better than having to recover from injury, so our treatment also includes educating our patients to better prepare and practice their sport in ways that will decrease the risk of injury.

So if you are competing in the Crossfit Open this year and have any injuries or concerns that you feel might hamper your performance, come in and see us. Our treatment options are extensive and we will be able to apply the best treatment for you specifically. The added bonus of course having someone treat you who also understands the rigors and stresses that crossfit puts on a person. With this overall collaborative approach along with the understanding of the sport, we are very confident of helping you achieve your optimal performance.

So come in and see us, even if for a tune up to get you to peak performance. We also accept insurance and would be delighted to help you out of pain. Call us today or Schedule an appointment.

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