A Contemporary Solution to Inflammation and Pain – Cold Laser Therapy in NYC

young woman receiving cold laser therapy

Cold laser therapy in NYC is a modality with wide-ranging applications, treating a variety of conditions for almost fifty years.  Until very recently, lasers were primarily used in procedures involving cauterization and surgical removals.  The traditional “hot” laser therapy is vastly different from the one recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration – Cold laser therapy.

Cold laser therapy in NYC employs a low-level wavelength that doesn’t result in temperature increases in the area being treated.  Combining leading edge technology with the most up-to-date medical research, cold laser therapy is a contemporary solution to conditions in which pain and inflammation are present.  Non-invasive, the therapy is known to cause minimal discomfort in virtually all patients.

Healing and regeneration.

The use of cold lasers is known to promote the repair and growth of damaged tissue.  It has also been clinically proven to radically mitigate pain and inflammation.  At Back & Body Medical in New York City, our cold laser therapy technicians routinely treat injuries to joints with cold laser therapy.  It’s a highly effective therapy that’s particularly useful for injuries and inflammation deep within the tissue and structures of the body.  These can’t be treated superficially, so cold laser therapy addresses a niche in the therapeutic catalogue.

Wide application.

Our multi-disciplinarian facility in New York City treats patients with a wide variety of conditions, using only proven therapies and treatments.  We’ve found that cold laser therapy is extremely effective.  It can be used to treat everything from carpal tunnel syndrome to plantar fasciitis.  Its applications are numerous, addressing all areas of the body.

Back & Body Medical in New York City believes that the answer to physical pain often resides in personalized care.  Our doctors assemble a variety of therapies to address the individual patient need.

We’ve seen patients who respond to cold laser therapy when used on its own.  For others, we’ve discovered that it’s a leading edge support to more traditional therapies like chiropractic and physical therapy.  What’s certain is that we’re strong advocates of cold laser therapy, because we’ve seen the profound difference it’s made to the quality of life for so many of our patients.

Duration of treatment.

Duration of treatment with cold laser therapy can be widely variant, depending on the nature and severity of the condition being treated.  As with any other type of therapy to address persistent conditions, a series of treatments is generally indicated.

What’s encouraging about cold laser therapy is its effect on the circulatory system.  Because cold laser therapy provokes the enhanced flow of blood in this crucial system, healing tends to occur more quickly.   This effect also supports the healing and regeneration of damaged nerves, bones, and soft tissue.  Healing is a wonder, but regeneration can only be described as a medical miracle.

Can cold laser therapy help you?

If you believe cold laser therapy might be helpful for your condition, call to book an appointment with one of our technicians.  At Back & Body Medical in New York City, we’re proponents of this therapeutic tool because we’ve seen it work.  It can work for you, too.

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