Cold Laser Therapy: NYC Pain Specialists' Non-Invasive Treatment Recommendation

cold laser therapyWhen you experience pain on a regular basis, regardless of whether the pain is mild or severe, often, the last thing you want to subject your body to is even more pain, or higher levels thereof.


Unfortunately, certain bodily conditions will need to be addressed with procedures that may cause more pain for a person before relief can be achieved. For various diseases and injuries, undergoing surgery is often necessary in order to repair organs, muscles and skin, cut out malignant growths, set broken bones, and remove foreign objects. While the actual operations may not be painful by themselves because of the use of anesthesia, the period after the surgical procedure is completed can become especially painful as the body takes time to heal and regain its normal functions.


As such, people can become averse to invasive treatments for their particular health conditions. But for individuals already suffering from chronic and acute pain, there is good news to be had — one specific option called Cold Laser Therapy is steadily gaining ground as an effective treatment method that does not require patients to go under the knife.


What is it?

Cold Laser Therapy NYC pain management specialists explain, is a type of treatment that makes use of specific wavelengths of light that are low enough to prevent the increase of thermal temperature in the part of the body to be treated. Also known as Low Level Laser Therapy, it uses laser to interact with tissue, help accelerate healing processes, eliminate swelling and pain, increase the body area’s functionality, and decrease spasms.


Cold laser treatment is different from hot laser procedures used in hospitals for the purposes of cutting, removal and cauterization. As such, cold laser generally does not cause pain — a patient will not feel a thing while the cold laser is trained directly over the injured body part for a number of seconds or minutes, depending on the dose delivered by the laser unit and the size of the part being treated.


The laser’s photons of light pass through the different skin layers — up to 2 to 5 centimeters below the skin. When the light energy reaches the target area, it interacts with the cells’ light-sensitive elements. The eventual results of this intercellular metabolism typically include normalization in the damaged tissues and the reduction of pain, inflammation, and total healing time.


For long-time sufferers of chronic pain, or patients who are struggling to manage acute pain, Cold Laser Therapy offers a treatment solution that will not involve painful surgical incisions, and therefore will not come with prolonged recovery times. For these individuals, becoming pain-free is finally easier to achieve.

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