Cold Laser Therapy Near Me On The Upper East Side, NYC

I’ve wrestled with carpal tunnel syndrome for years.  Wrist braces, acupuncture and different prescriptions have helped little.  Then, I discovered cold laser therapy near me on the Upper East Side, NYC, at Back & Body Medical.

I was amazed by the results I had with this treatment.  I’d heard all about lasers for surgery, but I didn’t know they could help my carpal tunnel pain.

Pain-free treatment.

Lasers have been used in medicine for 50 years, but cold laser therapy treats pain with a low intensity laser.  Most lasers used in medicine are for cutting, employing the heat transmitted by laser light, as well as tissue removal and cauterization.

This new style of laser therapy is “cold” because the temperature of the area being treated doesn’t increase, so it’s virtually painless.  I haven’t felt a thing during any of my cold laser therapy treatments, which genuinely surprised me.

Back & Body Medical.

A renowned, multi-disciplinarian clinic which has won many awards, Back & Body Medical is an outstanding facility, with a superb staff that works as a team.

When I first visited Back & Body on the advice of a friend, I didn’t hold out a lot of hope.  I’d tried so many things already.  I couldn’t see what possible difference trying another would make.

But this place is different.

At Back & Body, my pain was treated seriously.  After my consultation, it was suggested that cold laser therapy be tried.  I agreed to one more attempt to find relief from the pain, as this treatment sounded impressive.

The therapy was carefully explained to me by a technician.  I was happy to hear that it was painless, but I confess to still being a little bit skeptical. I’ve heard the words, “It won’t hurt a bit”, from many doctors, so I’m a little suspicious of promises like that.

Working with your body.

Cold laser therapy works with your body, repairing damaged tissue and joints and instigating the growth of cells.  The effect is the renewal of damaged tissue, which is something I hadn’t believed possible.

This non-invasive, drug-free therapy also stimulates increased blood circulation, which serves to expedite healing.  Following my first treatment, I experienced an immediate reduction in pain, because cold laser therapy had already eased the inflammation in my wrists and hands.

It really works.

Cold laser therapy near me on the Upper East Side, NYC has reduced the pain I’ve been living with for so long.  If you’re experiencing muscle pain, pain from arthritis or joint injury, residual pain from muscle trauma, or carpal tunnel (like me), you’ll get relief with cold laser therapy.

I never would have believed that my tissue could be repaired and encouraged to renew itself, but that’s what cold laser therapy near me on the Upper East Side, NYC does.  I can’t thank Back & Body enough for sharing this amazingly effective therapy with me.

Contact Back & Body about cold laser therapy.   It really works.

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