Cold Laser Therapy Near Me In Manhattan, NYC

For years, carpal tunnel syndrome has been a problem for me.  I’ve tried wrist braces, acupuncture and different prescriptions to manage the pain.  But there was little relief until I found cold laser therapy near me in Manhattan, NYC, at Back & Body Medical.

I was thrilled with the results I had with this treatment.  I’d heard about lasers for surgery, but I didn’t know they could reduce my carpal tunnel pain so effectively.

What it is.

Lasers have been employed in medical procedures for 50 years, but cold laser therapy treats pain with a low intensity laser.  Most lasers used in medicine are for cutting, employing the heat transmitted by laser light, as well as tissue removal and cauterization.

This new form of laser therapy is “soft”, or “cold” because the temperature of the area being treated doesn’t increase and there’s no discomfort felt by the patient.  I can witness to that, because I haven’t felt any discomfort, through all my cold laser therapy sessions.

Back & Body Medical.

A widely-renowned, integrated clinic which is acclaimed throughout the city, Back & Body Medical is an incredible facility, with an extraordinary staff that works as a team.

When I first attended Back & Body on the advice of a friend, I was doubtful.  I’d tried so many treatments already.  I honestly didn’t see what difference pleading my case to yet another doctor would make.

But this facility is different.

At Back & Body they really listened to me.  After my first visit, it was recommended that cold laser therapy be tried.  I was ready for one more kick at the can and agreed.

The treatment was carefully explained to me by a technician.  I was happy to hear that it was a painless method, but I need to confess my initial skepticism. I’ve heard the words, “This won’t hurt a bit”, from plenty of doctors, so I cast a jaded eye on promises like that.

Repair and renewal.

Cold laser therapy works by repairing damage in joints and tissue and stimulating the growth of cells.  The effect is the regeneration of damaged tissue, which is something I hadn’t known was even possible.

This non-surgical, drug-free therapy also encourages increased blood flow, which helps to expedite healing.  After my first session, I experienced an immediate improvement, because cold laser therapy had reduced the inflammation in my wrists and hands.

Finally!  Relief.

Cold laser therapy near me in Manhattan, NYC has materially reduced the pain I’ve been living with for far too long.  If you’re experiencing muscular pain, pain from arthritis or injured joints, residual pain from muscle injuries, or carpal tunnel (like me), you’ll get relief with cold laser therapy.

I never could never have believed that my tissue might be repaired and stimulated to regenerate, but that’s what cold laser therapy near me in Manhattan, NYC does.  I can’t thank Back & Body enough for introducing me to this incredibly effective treatment.

Contact Back & Body about cold laser therapy. Get relief.

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