Acute and Chronic Conditions Treated in a Way More Suitable for a New York City Lifestyle

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Whether you’re a native New Yorker or an import, you know you’re special.  New York City denizens are hardy.  Built for speed, we take on the most challenging city in the USA every day of lives, mobile devices firmly glued to our ears.  We don’t miss a trick.

We’re hardy, but we’re not superhuman.  The rapid fire pace of life in New York City can hurt.  That’s especially true when we suffer from acute or chronic conditions which manifest as pain.  Pain can slow you down.  But the answer to pain is not always drugs.  It’s not always surgery.  At Back & Body Medical, we specialize in non-invasive procedures suitable for the New York City lifestyle.  Cold laser therapy is one of them.

Cold laser therapy uses a low-level wavelength that doesn’t involve the heat traditionally used in laser therapies.  That makes it uniquely suited to treating acute and chronic conditions in a way more suitable for a New York City lifestyle.  Its non-invasive nature means it doesn’t demand you take a break from streaking across New York City.  Cold laser therapy in New York City is the ultimate answer for those who need pain relief but haven’t got time for the drug fog, or the downtime associated with surgery.

Non-invasive. Wide application.

Cold laser therapy is capable of regenerating tissue, as well as repairing it.  This is in addition to its clinically proven ability to radically relieve pain and inflammation.  Particularly useful for injuries and inflammation deep within the tissue and structures of the body, cold laser therapy gets to pain other therapies can’t.

Our facility in New York City treats patients with a wide range of conditions.  We use only proven therapies and treatments and have found that cold laser therapy is extremely effective.  It can be used to treat everything from carpal tunnel syndrome to osteoarthritis.  Its applications are numerous, addressing all areas of the body.

Acute and chronic conditions which result in pain can be treated in a way more suitable for the New York City lifestyle with cold laser therapy.  Combined with its tissue-regenerating capabilities, that makes this non-invasive option one that won’t take you out of the Big Apple game.

Fast track to healing.

Mileage may vary with cold laser therapy, depending on the severity of the condition and the patient’s unique needs.  But because it enhances blood circulation, healing tends to happen quickly.  That’s an important factor that also speeds tissue regeneration.  For acute and chronic conditions, it’s undeniable that cold laser therapy is tailor-made for the New York City lifestyle.  It gets you back on the fast track in a hurry.

Call to discover the benefits of cold laser therapy in New York City – a way to treat acute and chronic conditions that suits the fast-paced lifestyle of New York City’s special breed of people.

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