Cold Laser Therapy for Pain Relief New York

a man with lower back pain

Have you heard of cold laser therapy? It’s a non invasive, FDA approved treatment for joint pain, soft tissue injury, arthritis and a whole lot more. While the technology has been around for several decades and has had over 5000 papers written on it, it’s really coming into its own these past few years as a serious tool for relieving pain on a consistent basis. The technology is even being used extensively by the veterinarian field as well, as pets are being treated with the technology too, helping their injuries.

At Back and Body, we have been using cold laser therapy for pain relief in New York to help our patients for several years. So let’s look at it in a bit more detail.

Why is it called Cold?

While it is called cold laser therapy, it doesn’t mean that the laser is cold. But compared to lasers that can cut, it is not hot and while you may feel a slight tingling sensation (most don’t feel anything), it doesn’t hurt or burn. So in comparison to the hot lasers, it is colder.

How does it work?

The equipment is set up based on the type of injury or pain you have, and applied to the afflicted region for a predecribed period of time. As the laser penetrates the skin it helps the soft tissues to heal faster, increases blood flow and improves cell growth amongst other things.

How many treatments are needed?

This will depend on the injury type and the severity of it, but it will require a few treatments over the course of a few weeks. The good news is that each treatment is painless, only takes a matter of minutes and can even be done in conjunction with other treatments to boost the effectiveness and get you out of pain faster.

Are there any side effects?

While nothing can ever be said to be 100% perfect, there are little to no contra-indications relating to the use of cold laser therapy. It can be applied to pretty much any part of your body, but be aware that it cannot be used on cancerous lesions, the thyroid or the eyes. Of course, we know how to use the equipment and will go through everything with you anyway.

How effective is it?

Studies and research are always continuing and at present, over 5000 papers have been written on it and show that it is effective in pain relief on many different conditions including arthritis.

If you think you could benefit from cold laser therapy, call us today. We have used it to help hundreds of patients get out of pain. Using it alone or along with other treatments can accelerate your healing process and get you back to fitness quickly.



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