Cold Laser Therapy for Back – Negatives and Positives

When back pain strikes, it can feel like the whole world is weighing down on you. Aside from the obvious physical effects such as limited mobility and flexibility, the effects of long-term back pain can affect your brain chemistry as well. Therefore, back pain should be addressed immediately with the help of the right treatment that will bring both fast and long-lasting relief.

If you have been suffering from back pain for some time now, it’s time to seek treatment and see an expert as soon as you can. Studies have shown that experiencing pain in a recurring basis causes your brain to function differently – it rewires itself, gearing toward a state of constant expectation of pain. You might say that your brains goes into war mode – as if it accepts that it will perpetually be under attack. It’s easy to imagine just how this can negatively affect your thought and emotional processes.

That’s why it’s important that the treatment you get is something that’s engineered to address the real cause of your pain. If you have been suffering from acute or chronic pain, your therapist may recommend cold laser therapy. This form of treatment makes use of light wavelengths applied to the affected areas, which goes deep into the cells, not just on the muscular or tissue level. The result is a significant decrease in pain, swelling and inflammation.See below for some of the key points to know about cold laser therapy for back negatives and positives).

Aside from its proven effectiveness, the following are some of the positive effects of cold laser therapy:

– The procedure is non-invasive and therefore does not require prolonged pre-procedure and recovery time.

– No medications are involved, freeing you from the usual side effects of common pain pills such as nausea, allergies, stomach upset and liver damage.

– It promotes collagen and muscle cell growth.

– It improves blood circulation, hastening the healing process.

The following are considered disadvantages of cold laser therapy:

– Depending on the severity of your condition, it may take several sessions before the treatment is completed.

– Close doctor supervision is important, so you may need to arrange for frequent clinic visits.

– Some medical benefit providers do not include cold laser therapy treatments in their coverage – talk to your clinic for financing options and friendly payment terms.

– Individuals with suspected carcinoma, thyroid problems and a few other conditions may not be eligible for the procedure. Pregnant women are also not allowed to undergo laser therapy.

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