Chronic Low Back Pain Treatment in Manhattan

Low back pain treatment Manhatten

Chronic low back pain treatment in Manhattan is one of the most common pain issues we see. It is a quite common problem that many people can relate to. About 80 percent of adults have missed work sometime in their life due to a low back pain issue, making low back pain the leading cause of job related disability and missed work days. The National Institutes of Health claims that more than 25 percent of adults have had a recent occurrence of low back pain.

We at Back and Body NY help with chronic low back pain treatment in Manhattan with both male and females are equally affected by low back pain. Low back pain can occur following a specific incident, like over lifting or an accident, but it can also grow over time from wear and tear. Studies have found that a sedentary lifestyle during the week following weekend workouts can set the stage for the development of low back pain.

The good news is that about 80 percent of back pain (lasting a few days to weeks) heals with self care or short term management. This leaves the other 20 percent feeling helpless. Fortunately chronic low back pain treatment in Manhattan can help them find relief.

A study looked at relief through spinal manipulation therapy to treat chronic low back pain that persisted for more than six months. Sixty patients were assigned to either 12 treatments of sham therapy for a month, or 12 treatments of therapy for a month with no treatment afterwards or 12 treatments for a month with follow up therapy twice a month for the following nine months.

The study concluded that groups two and three experienced much lower pain and disability scores than those in the sham group. At the ten month mark, only the third group experienced more improvement in pain and disability. Without the continued therapy, the second groups pain scores returned back to close to what they were before any treatment. Chronic low back pain treatment in Manhattan through this therapy shows that it is effective for chronic back pain, but to achieve long term benefits, a patient must continually receive this therapy.

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