How to Choose the Right Treatment for Your Pain

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Finding the right treatment for your pain can be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.  You know it’s there.  You’re sure there must be something that’s going to help.  You just don’t know where to find it.

But it’s often the case (especially for those suffering from chronic pain), that there’s no silver bullet.  Rather, there’s a complex of therapies that when combined, add up to pain relief.

With the right combination of treatments and a medical resource that’s willing to take that journey with you, an individual plan can be devised, taking a multi-disciplinarian approach.  That’s the way the medical community is going.

But Back & Body Medical is already there.  That’s why our clinic in the heart of Manhattan has won so many awards.  It’s because we’ve assembled a pain relief model that creates endless possibilities for therapeutic responses.

Our Model

At Back & Body, we work as a team, focusing on the needs of individual patients.  Our patient-centered model is devised to ensure that every patient gets exactly what’s needed to restore function and quality of life.

As a chiropractor, my work is supported by a team of physical therapists, sports medicine professionals and acupuncturists.  Flowing from the four distinct disciplines we practice here is a multiplicity of treatments which can be combined to create personalized care that works.

Everyone’s Different

People come to Back & Body with many different pain relief needs.  We see everyone from professional athletes to stage hands from Broadway, to busy executives, to hardworking moms.  From post-surgical rehabilitation to sports recovery services, we understand that no two patients are the same.  Our multi-disciplinarian approach is built on that understanding.

Offering exceptional outcomes to our patients, we’ve discovered that inter-disciplinarian care does what isolated approaches often can’t.

But because everyone’s different, sometimes people find relief with the help of my chiropractic services alone.  When that’s not the case, the team works together to find the best way forward.  And because our services are all under one roof, Back & Body patients don’t find themselves running all over town to get to appointments.

We don’t just relieve pain.  We save our patients time.

Chronic Pain

Even if you’ve been struggling with chronic pain for decades, we can help.  You’ve had your pain for quite some time, so we can’t promise to make it magically disappear overnight.  What we can promise is that we’ll find the right combination of treatments to reduce and even eliminate your pain.

Patients with fibromyalgia will be happy to hear that we know it’s a very real condition of the central nervous system.  We’ll believe you when you say you’re hurting and then we’ll combine forces to assemble a care plan that works.

Patient First

At Back & Body, you’re our most important source of insight into your condition.  How you experience pain guides us in our mission to resolve the problem.  We seek root causes and the most effective responses, putting you at the center of our work.

Contact us.

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