Your Chiropractor and Upper Back Pain

a man with upper back pain

While patients are much more likely to see me about lower back pain, upper back pain is a growing public health problem.  Because people today spend many hours sitting in the workplace in front of computers, many of the upper back pain patients I see are office workers.

Due to the nature of their jobs, they come with problems like “poking chin”.  Because they’re hunched over in their chairs, usually craning their necks toward a computer screen, they’re at risk for conditions like dowager’s hump and upper cross syndrome.

Whether it’s a pain in the neck, or pain implicating the entire upper back, coming to your chiropractor for upper back pain is a good idea.  It’s not just fatigue.

Chronic pain in the upper back can lead to serious conditions and potential fractures in the vertebrae.  Especially if ongoing poor sitting hygiene (posture) at work is in play, you’re at risk.

Upper cross syndrome.

Poking chin is a common symptom of this condition.  As described in the example of the office worker above, the head of a patient suffering from UCS will jut forward.  This takes the cervical vertebrae (shoulders and neck) out of alignment with the rest of the spine.  Most people associate poking chin with old age, but much younger people can and do develop this trait as the result of spinal misalignment provoked by upper cross syndrome.

Believe it or not, athletes are especially prone to UCS.  Interdependent muscle groups on the front and back of the body can become unbalanced through some of the repetitive activities involved in sports.  If measures aren’t taken to restore balance, UCS can result.   Your chiropractor can help with the upper back pain caused by UCS.

As a chiropractor, my job is to identify and treat all types of pain associated with the spine.  I can do this more effectively with the integrated care we specialize in at Back & Body Medical.  Our team is a diversified group of chiropractors and physical therapists with a broad skill set.  Together, we create effective responses to upper back pain.

A chiropractor plus, for upper back pain.

I’m part of a multi-disciplinarian team that believes the healing process relies primarily on the patient’s level of engagement with prescribed therapies.  A chiropractor for upper back pain works with you, to ensure that you’re following suitable sitting hygiene and attending to good standing posture, as well.

You’re part of the solution, when you collaborate with your chiropractor for upper back pain relief.

Back & Body creates detailed therapeutic plans, with your chiropractor and the team here partnering with you on your journey to full recovery.  When you’re fully engaged with your chiropractor for upper back pain relief, healing is expedited with doctor-directed exercise and stretching, so you’re part of our team at Back & Body, too.

Come see us.

A chiropractor for upper back pain is your first step toward addressing the problem.  Come see us and let’s talk about how we can help.

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