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Chiropractors have been helping people suffering from back and neck pain, as well as severe headaches resulting from musculoskeletal issues, since the late 19th Century.  Originally proposed as an alternative treatment, the practice was widely expanded over the course of the 20th Century.

Today, people all over the world depend on their friendly, neighborhood chiropractor.

Your own friendly, neighborhood chiropractor can be found at Back & Body Medical, on the East Side.  We take pride in continuing the tradition of chiropractic care, with our team of exceptional doctors and physical therapists.

Our award-winning therapies are complemented by advanced diagnostics which help us get to the root causes of pain.  This diagnostic precision allows our team to assemble personalized programs of evidence-based treatments, including chiropractic, to help get you back to feeling like yourself again.

A comprehensive suite of therapeutic services.

Your Back & Body chiropractor works with a professional team of other trained clinicians to offer a full range of therapeutic services.  We know that every patient is different.  We honor that reality by producing care plans which are highly individualized.

All the treatment options you need are here under one roof on the East Side, in our state of the art facility.   Our chiropractic team is the most highly trained and experienced group of chiropractors available on the East Side.

The doctors on our chiropractic team share an evidence-based outlook when it comes to your care.  Back & Body Medical’s clinicians take a conservative approach to treatment, delivering outstanding outcomes for our patients which are rooted in scientific research and resulting data.

Your friendly, neighborhood chiropractor will engage with your treatment realistically.  Our tradition at Back & Body is one of diagnostic and therapeutic excellence developed over many years of ongoing professional upgrades.  That commitment keeps the knowledge base at our facility current.

Should chiropractic adjustment not be the right fit for your musculoskeletal issue, we’ll find one that works.  We’ll develop a care plan that implicates other therapies and set you on the path to healing.

Working together for a solution.

At Back & Body Medical, we believe the healing process is highly dependent on the patient’s level of engagement with the therapies being prescribed.  Your chiropractor and the team here work with you, involving you in your own healing process as an active participant.

Providing you with a detailed treatment plan, Back & Body partners with you on your journey to full recovery.  Your chiropractor will assemble the therapeutic program that’s most effective for you, always seeking the best possible therapy or combination of therapies.

Our excellent patient outcomes testify to the diligence we apply to finding the right solution for you.

Find your chiropractor on the East Side.

Back & Body Medical is conveniently located to serve our East Side patients, providing a full spectrum of therapeutic services.  Contact us and connect with a professional chiropractor, backed up by a team of therapeutic experts.

Relief from pain is only a call away.  Find your chiropractor on the East Side, at Back & Body.

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