Let’s Talk About Chiropractic Treatment for Leg Pain

chiropractic leg adjustment

I’m going to focus this blog post on the leg pain caused by sciatica.  So many people come to Back & Body for help with this debilitating ailment that it’s worth taking a moment to talk to you about chiropractic treatment for leg pain.

Sciatica is an unpleasant reality for millions of people and no, you needn’t be in your elder years to suffer with it.  Sciatica can strike people at any age and can point to a serious underlying problem, namely disk herniation.

Patients come to me complaining of pain radiating down one or both legs, making it difficult and painful to walk.  The condition can persist for months, requiring extended clinical attention.  Sometimes, though, it’s treatable with conservative, non-invasive methods over a matter of weeks.  Chiropractic treatment for leg pain will vary in application and intensity for each patient.

No two patients are the same, and this is even more true of patients seeking chiropractic treatment for leg pain.  Sciatica is a bit of slippery beast, but a course of chiropractic treatment, combined with physical therapy is usually the therapeutic response indicated.

Drugs vs. chiropractic treatment for leg pain.

We all know that pharmaceuticals have a therapeutic place in the world of Western Medicine.  Too often, though, people use them to numb the persistent pain and carry on.  They’re “too busy” to see someone like me.  Maybe they’re nervous about doctors and clinics.  Whatever the reason they choose to mask leg pain with drugs, it’s not the best choice.

Drugs like anti-inflammatories and painkillers can be useful, when combined with other therapeutic responses, over the short term.  That said, long-term use of drugs for persistent pain can damage the liver and stomach lining.  When that happens, it’s not just leg pain you have to worry about.

Chiropractic treatment for leg pain can reduce or eliminate the need for drugs, over the course of therapy.  I advise strongly against the long-term use of pharmaceutical therapy for the reasons stated above.

Multi-disciplinarian care at Back & Body Medical.

As I said earlier, chiropractic treatment for leg pain is a highly effective clinical response for the treatment of sciatica, particularly when combined with physical therapy.  Because we use advanced diagnostic tools here at Back & Body, we’re able to get to the root cause of leg pain and address it effectively, drawing on the vast range of therapies we offer.

Chiropractic treatment for leg pain and physical therapy are available at Back & Body under one roof.  This is a convenient clinical solution which precludes the need for patients to shuttle all over town looking for therapeutic help.  Our innovative facility is unique, providing a diversity of therapeutic responses, including chiropractic treatment for leg pain, using leading edge diagnostics.

If you’ve got leg pain that won’t go away, it’s time to do something about it.  My team at Back & Body models multi-disciplinarian excellence that can address your pain and treat it.  Put down that pill bottle and book an appointment.

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