Chiropractic Care: A Winter Necessity

happy woman enjoying winter air

Not everyone’s crazy about this time of year.  It’s cold out there.  The streets can sometimes be full of crusty, dirty snow and there are viruses lurking around every corner.

Part of the fun, of course, is pain and stiffness.  The cold can do that to you.  That’s why I wanted to share some thoughts with you about chiropractic care:  a winter necessity.  Chiropractic can make a tremendous difference.

It can be the difference between surviving the winter and thriving in it.

Under Pressure

I hear a lot of complaints about joint pain during the winter.  And while a lot of people expect the cold to bring joint pain with it, they’re not sure why that’s the case.

It’s the barometric pressure.  When it drops in the cold weather, the synovial fluid in your joints responds by becoming thicker.  That means it’s not functioning normally (as a lubricating agent). So, your joints are going to hurt a bit (or a lot).

If you’re experiencing this effect, you need to come see me.  I’ll get your joints moving again and feeling a lot better.

Making Like a Bear

When winter comes, many of us slow down to a crawl.  We take to our warm, cozy nests, staying there and making like bears. We tend to hibernate and not move around very much and that’s another reason you’re feeling the effects of winter as pain.

And when you’re not moving around (but you’re imbibing and eating rich food at Holiday gatherings and perhaps snacking in front of the TV), guess what?  Extra weight is going to adhere itself to you.  Another reason that making like a bear is hazardous to your health.

If you’re sedentary during the winter, you need to find a way to keep moving.  A chiropractor can help by aligning your spine and once that’s taken care of, you’ll feel a lot more like getting out of your cave and moving around.

March on the spot, do some squats or body weight exercises, chase your kids.  Do whatever you can to keep yourself mobile for at least 30 minutes a day and believe me, hibernating will be a lot more pleasant and a lot less painful.

Why You Should Come See Me

Chiropractic care is about balance and alignment.  Using tools like manipulation and adjustment, I help you maintain your spine in optimal health and that’s good news for your joints.

Why?  Because of the intimate relationship between your spine and the central nervous system.  When the spine’s not happy, neither are your nerves.  And when your nerves aren’t happy – ouch!

I’m not just here for those times when you hurt.  Regular chiropractic care can help you prevent pain by maintaining your body in a state of normative function.  Like a car, your body needs regular maintenance to continue running smoothly.

Back & Body Medical New York

You’ll find me at our clinic in the heart of Manhattan, supported by clinicians practicing acupuncture, physical therapy and sports medicine.  Got pain?  Get help with the Back & Body team.

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