Chiropractic Care vs Medication for Neck Pain in New York

neck pain chiropractic treatment

Neck pain is fast becoming one of the most common spinal issues that we’re seeing in our New York practice. The most likely cause of this increase is due to technology, the way we look at our phones or use computers and other technologies. Our natural instinct is to push out heads forward and this puts added pressure on our neck which contributes to neck pain and even headaches. Other common causes for neck pain in New York include sports injuries and car accidents.

So how to combat it?

The traditional method is through medication. You have a pain in your neck, you go to your primary, he typically prescribes medication. That’s all well and good, but medication generally tackles the symptoms rather than the cure. What is the cure? Chiropractic care is a treatment that we offer New York neck pain patients because it addresses the cause, not the effect.

A study was undertaken to see how effective chiropractic care for neck pain was compared to medication. The results are impressive. The study observed 272 patients suffering from neck pain between 18 and 65 and were split into three control groups. Those who would receive chiropractic treatment, those who would receive medication and those who would under take home exercise with specific advice.

The study was undertaken for a year and conditions tracked at various points in that time frame.

The results showed that chiropractic treatment had a significant advantage over medications after 8 weeks of treatment and the home exercises showed improvement over medication at the 26 week mark. Ultimately, chiropractic care was the winner and provided consistent pain relief for the patients.

Furthermore, over half of the medication group posted side effects from the medication including drowsiness and stomach issues. The home exercise group reported doreness and aching, while the chiropractic group experienced no side effects at all.

From this study it is clear that chiropractic care provides the best solution for neck pain relief. No side effects and long term relief is something to cheer about.

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