Chiropractic Care for Your Hip, Knees and Ankles

chiropractic knee adjustment

Knees, hips, and ankles are synovial joints. A synovial joint connects different bones in the body. Moving freely and painlessly is impossible if the alignment in this connection is incorrect. Therefore, chiropractors can help you deal with pain in your knee, hip, or ankle by correcting misalignments in these joints.

The Hip

Your hip belongs to a category of synovial joints known as ball and socket joints. It connects the thighbone to the pubic bone and the ischium swellings and strains interfere with this delicate connection requiring chiropractic readjustment.

This adjustment restores the mobility of your hip. It minimizes the pain you feel as you move this joint, and it reduces the occurrence of muscle spasms in this area. More importantly, it strengthens the tissues holding this joint together minimizing the chances that you will experience this kind of pain again.

You can enhance the positive effects of this chiropractic care by combining it with other healing techniques. They include exercise therapy, correct posture, stretching, and massage.

The Knee

Your knee belongs to a category of synovial joints known as hinge joints. It connects the thighbone to the shinbone. These are the longest and second longest bones in the body respectively. That means their alignment has to be perfect because misalignment is likely to occur here than in other joints. That is why a complex system of muscles, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments exist around the knee to facilitate this connection.

Unfortunately, knee pain is common despite this complex system. Chiropractors can address these misalignments alleviating your pain in addition to helping you restore your previous level of mobility.

The Ankle

The ankle is a synovial hinge joint. It connects four bones: tibia, calcaneus, navicular, and fibula. You would often feel pain in this area because there is a strain in this connection because of swelling or a sprain. In most cases, there is a misalignment in one of these bones.

Chiropractors can analyze such problems and take corrective measures. Remember, each bone in your ankle serves a particular function so misalignment in one of them might lead to discomfort. For example, the heel bone (calcaneus) absorbs the weight of your body. Misalignment means that you might feel fatigued even though you’re not suffering from any illness.

Back & Body Medical

At Back and Body Medical, we understand how everything in your body connects to your musculoskeletal system and we know the significance of correct alignments. Our noninvasive treatments are based on the best practices in chiropractic care. More importantly, these treatments will complement other strategies for quick healing including proper dieting, physical exercises, and medical treatment.

Contact us for an appointment. We will help you deal with your hip, knee, and ankle problems promptly and exhaustively.

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