Chiropractic Care Very Helpful in Helping Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Manhatten

carpal tunnel syndrome

Chiropractic Care Very Helpful in Helping Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) causes pain and numbness along the wrist and fingers. It’s caused by the compression of the median nerve that tracks down the carpal tunnel. When the carpal tunnel is compressed, it infringes upon the nerve and creates pain or numbness. Dr David Perna of Back and Body in New York has some good news for carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers.

In a very recent study published by the Journal of Musculoskeletal Science & Practice, they studied the effects of a manual manipulation of 18 patients. The effects of the syndrome were measured before the manipulation and then again after using ultrasound. The manipulation performed was very similar to that of a chiropractor in manipulating the wrist and can be seen on the video below at 1:10 in.

The manipulation helps to open up the carpal tunnel which increases the space around the median nerve and thus freeing it up. The nerve is no longer infringed and so pain levels subside and numbness decreases.

During the manual manipulation or mobilization of the wrist, they were able to see on ultrasound, an increase in size in the carpal tunnel. This increase in space means less compression on the nerve and more comfort for the patient.

Chiropractic care which uses a very similar method to this manual manipulation is therefore a very simple and comfortable way to remedy the problem.

Here at Back and Body, we can obviously perform this manipulation at the clinic. We can also use other techniques to obtain similar results. One such way is the use of our Class IV cold laser equipment which is applied with the appropriate protocols to the area. The treatment is non invasive and very successful and is of course, FDA approved. We can also use another technique known as nerve flossing which uses special techniques to mobilize the nerve.

As we don’t believe in “cookie cutter” treatments, we evaluate each and every patient individually and then come up with a plan of treatments with you to ease your pain. So if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, we can evaluate and decide which treatment method will work best for you. Call us today 212.371.2000 or email to schedule an appointment.

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