Chiropractic Care for Headaches

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A 2020 study was done that found that about one in five new chiropractic patients list headaches as one of their main reasons for seeking treatment. In this article, we are going to take a look at chiropractic care for headaches, backed up by scientific research.

A survey was conducted which included input from 224 adult patients with headaches as their number one complaint. 70 doctors of chiropractic found 25% of these patients who consult with a chiropractor because of their chronic headaches and 42% right there headache pain as very severe.

Out of these patients, 21% exhibited characteristics of migraine headaches, 17% tension headaches, and 1/3 experienced characteristics of two or more headaches. The patients who rated the pain as severe mostly suffered from migraine headaches. To be exact, 62% had migraines and 2/3 had more than one type of headache. (based on international classification of headache disorders criteria).

In 2020 and 2021, studies were done that compared multi modal chiropractic care. This included 10 treatments spread over 14 weeks. There was also enhanced usual care (medical treatment with migrane education literature). Included in the study or 61 adult women with episodic migraines. The women in the chiropractic group experienced a near threefold reduction in migraine days per month.

When researchers followed up with participants in the chiropractic group, they found three common themes.

Number one: participants became more aware of the role in muscle tension, pain, and posture.

Number two: participants also revised their prior conceptions of chiropractic care beyond spinal manipulation.

Number three: The participants looked at chiropractor patient relationships as essential in receiving effective migraine treatment.

We will be talking about one last study in today’s article. This included 150 patients with chronic tension type headaches. Some patients used chiropractic care and others used a medication, amitriptyline. Three participants in the chiropractic treatment reported neck soreness and stiffness. 82.1% of participants in the medication group experienced the following side effects: drowsiness, dry mouth, and weight gain. After the treatment concluded, only those who had received chiropractic care continue to experience a reduction in headache intensity and frequency. Those in the medication group return to their normal headache intensity and frequency.

Chiropractic care for headaches is the most effective treatment as you can see from the following studies. Certain medications have side effects and will not give you long lasting results. Come receive chiropractic care for headaches today. Make an appointment with us.

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