Chiropractic Care For Corporate Office Workers at Citigroup NYC

Working at international banking giant, Citigroup, is a dream for many.  This acclaimed global banking entity is where careers are known to blossom.

But blossoming careers in banking can mean sitting at a computer terminal or in high-level meetings for hours at a time.  For many employees, that means neck and back pain.  But did you know there’s an award-winning pain relief solution just blocks away from Citigroup’s offices at 153 53rd Avenue?

Back & Body Medical is the Midtown solution, offering chiropractic care for corporate office workers at Citigroup NYC.  Located at Lexington and 58th Avenue, our multi-disciplinarian facility is within easy reach for Citigroup’s corporate staff.

Outstanding chiropractic care.

Back & Body is a diversified clinic, offering pain relief in four clinical specialties:  chiropractic, physical therapy, sports medicine, and acupuncture.  Each of these specialties offers a range of therapies and treatments which can be used in concert to create individualized care, speaking effectively to the uniqueness of each patient’s needs.

With numerous options for pain relief in one clinic, your Back & Body chiropractor can call on treatments you might otherwise have to go out of your way to the source.  Our multi-disciplinarian model offers corporate office workers at Citigroup NYC a Midtown option that brings them outstanding chiropractic care supported by other clinical approaches.

Based on evidence.

Our team creates chiropractic care programs from evidence-based treatments which are proven to be effective.  The team here models a conservative approach, delivering superlative outcomes for our patients.

At Back & Body, we rely on the findings of research.  We’re committed to offering our patients only the most up-to-the-minute therapies and only those proven to be effective.

Your Back & Body chiropractor engages realistically with your treatment.  Our methodology is one of diagnostic and clinical excellence developed over many years of ongoing professional upgrades.  We stay on top of medical advances to bring our patients leading edge care.

Partnering with you.

The Back & Body team knows that healing demands the patient’s involvement with prescribed treatments.  Your chiropractor and the Back & Body team work with you, engaging you in your own healing as an active partner.  They work with you transparently, every step of the way.

At our ground-breaking clinic, chiropractic care for corporate office workers at Citigroup NYC is practiced in partnership, meeting your needs by returning you to full function and renewed wellbeing.

Treating you with a personalized therapeutic program, a Back & Body chiropractor is your partner on the journey toward being at the top of your game.  Your chiropractor’s care plan focuses on your individuality, always looking for the therapies most beneficial to you and your physical problem.

Our outcomes at Back & Body speak to our therapeutic and clinical excellence.

Relief is only blocks away.

Chiropractic care for corporate office workers at Citigroup NYC is only blocks away.  We’re your Midtown solution for chiropractic, sports medicine, physical therapy and acupuncture, offering you award-winning care that supports your total wellbeing.

Contact us to book an appointment.

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