Chiropractic Care and Weightlifting

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You like to lift.  Maybe you even like to lift heavy.  But you know you love the rush you experience when pumping iron.

And here’s the thing, when your spine’s in alignment, your central nervous system is a happy camper.  And that means your performance is optimal.

All gain.  No pain.  It doesn’t get better than that.

But there are people in this world (who are many) who don’t seek out medical support until they’re already hurting.  You can’t gain when you’re in pain, so ensuring that your spine is in alignment and ready for action is like a kind of insurance for weightlifters.

That’s why I’m here – to keep you performing your best.


Homeostasis is a word describing the body in its ideal balance.  That’s what chiropractic care can do for you.

If you lift weights, you’ll be committed to eating right, getting enough rest and hydrating properly.  And while you may think that’s enough and that you’re physically fit (so you don’t need my services), your spine may one day surprise you with a complete lack of cooperation.

Sure, I can fix that.  But something else I can do is maintain balance in your spine and the harmony your central nervous system requires to function at its best.

When Your Spine’s Not Aligned

Everybody who works out in a gym has seen “that guy”.  He’s the one with skinny legs and a massive upper body.

That’s not a balanced weightlifting strategy and one must admit – it looks weird.  The same can be said of your body when your spine’s not aligned.

Spine dysfunction can cause us to carry ourselves oddly.  Ultimately, it forces one side of the body to work harder than the other.

Regular visits to your friendly, neighborhood chiropractor (me, for example), helps you stop problems before they’ve had a chance to manifest.  I can detect changes in the spine before they become painful, with hands that have been exhaustively trained to pick up on potential anomalies and imbalance.

Little Ouch?  Hmmm…

You know how entropy sets in when you don’t clean up after yourself at home for a week or so?  The same is true of minor traumas that can occur when you’re working out.

What may feel like that mythical “burn” workout enthusiasts crave can, in truth, be little ouch with the potential to become a big ouch.

Microtraumas are common in the weightlifting community.  These are tiny tears in muscle fibers and connective tissue.   When you don’t give invisible injuries like this time to heal and professional attention, they can grow, leading to injuries like ligament tears.

And those are no fun!

The better way forward is to keep your spine and central nervous system living together in perfect harmony, with regular visits to me.  Working together, we’ll keep your passion for pumping iron on track, reducing the potential for injury by maintaining physical balance.

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