A Childhood with Neck Pain? Back and Body Medical Can Help Your Child Recover

happy little boyA carefree childhood is something we all deserve.  But children with neck pain can miss out.  Childhood neck pain may have many causes, but when it strikes watching your child suffer is not an option.

Intense activity can provoke neck pain in children.  It indicates that there’s an underlying problem requiring immediate medical attention.  If the pain persists for longer than a few days, parents should seek professional medical help as quickly as possible.

Like adults, children suffering from neck pain may be exhibiting warning signs of a condition that should be attended to.  Here at Back and Body Medical, our state-of-the-art diagnostics will pinpoint the problem in short order.  That allows us to deploy rapid response to your child’s neck pain.

Our team of diversified medical professionals, from the information provided by our diagnostic protocols, will assemble a personalized program of evidence-based treatments to correct the problem.  Your child’s treatment plan will free your child of neck pain, clearing the way back to the playground, riding a bike around the neighbourhood and the joy of team sports.

A Team of Skilled Professionals

Back and Body Medical’s professional team is an integrated and comprehensive answer to neck pain in children.  Here, we employ a range of treatment models, practiced by a team working across multiple disciplines.

Our team will translate data gleaned from diagnostic tools to assemble the most effective individual treatment plan based on your child’s needs.  All the childhood neck pain treatment and therapy you need are right here under one roof, for your convenience and your child’s speedy return to the playground.

Back and Body’s approach is balanced and evidence-based, providing the kind of skilled, professional treatment that neck pain in children demands.  We don’t believe in the guessing game here.  We believe in results.

All the therapies we use at Back and Body are based on scientific research and accompanying data.  Our team is serious about ensuring that children with neck pain recover quickly and fully.  Every single member of that team is a trained, experienced professional with years of experience that follows our clinical philosophy of conservatism in therapeutic response and an integrated, 360 approach to patient care.

When your child’s in pain, you need that kind of realistic, scientifically sound support from your clinicians.  At Back and Body, we treat children with neck pain with a view to full recovery.  That means the revelation of any underlying issues which may have provoked that pain to begin with.

We’re here to ensure that your child’s future won’t suffer from a hidden problem that’s been overlooked.  Our advanced diagnostic practices will find it.  Then, we’ll treat it and send your child home, ready to enjoy the type of carefree childhood all children deserve.

Back and Body Medical in New York City takes childhood neck pain seriously.  We know that undisclosed anomalies can manifest in adulthood.  We want your child to be well, and we want that the child will become to enjoy the best health possible and a life free of neck pain.

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