Causes of Neck Pain Outside of the Cervical Spine

Cause of Neck Pain

You would think a neck pain patient would be experiencing pain from a neck problem, right? In most cases, you would be correct. Focusing on the neck for a diagnosis and treatment will lead to satisfying results for patients. For some patients, neck pain could be related to a condition elsewhere in the body. If that is the case, that area needs to be addressed in order for the patient to achieve a satisfying outcome and a pain-free life.

An example could be the shoulder. Research has found that neck pain and shoulder pain can coexist. There are also cases where managing a cervical condition leads to improved pain and function of the shoulder joint. Four published studies found the opposite as possible. Patients who experienced chronic neck pain had improvements in pain and disability after a three week treatment that featured scapular stabilization exercises.

14 studies also showed that manipulative therapy applied to the mid back resulted in improvements in cervical pain and disability in patients with chronic neck pain.

There is even more research that suggests that issues further down the body can have an effect on the neck. The study was done in 2019 that revealed individuals with chronic neck pain show differences in walking symmetry. This is a known risk factor for problems in the knee and hip joints. Another study showed that patients with neck pain walked with a stiff spine. Like length inequality leads to dysfunction in the knees, hips, and lower back.

Obviously we know that the neck is very important to keep the head upright and the eyes level. If the neck overcompensates for other deficiencies in the back this can lead to a painful cervical condition.

Chiropractors evaluate and treat the entire body. Manual therapy, exercise, nutritional counseling, physical therapy, and more will be combined to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Come visit us today if you are experiencing any type of pain.


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