Can What You Eat Affect Arthritis?

Can your diet lead to early onset arthritis? 

Interesting question as certain food types can reduce inflammation. Today’s research asks the question “Does diet cause arthritis?” The research done in April of 2017 looked at people who had a diet of high fatty acids, specifically a 20 percent saturated fatty acid diet with simple carbs. They noted that these people had osteoarthritic changes in their knee. They looked at the matrix of the cartilage in the knee and they found that the saturated fatty acids deposited into the cartilage in the knee, changing it, which caused it to be softer and more easily worn out, therefore causing more osteoarthritic situations.

This lead to an osteoarthritic like effect in the knee where there was less cushion/support. They also found that below the cartilage of the knee that there were changes in the bony matrix structure as a result of saturated fatty acids infiltrating the bony structure.

So the researcher and author of this study both stated that maybe osteoarthritis is not always just a result of wear and tear, but diet.

If you are eating a lot of fatty acids, you may also weigh more which can be a factor that causes additional wear and tear. So you are not only dealing with cartilage in the knee or a joint that is weaker, but you’re also putting more weight on the joint.

Diet is so important even without issues such as arthritis and we can certainly make suggestions and provide you with guidance to helping you find the right diet and help with your condition.

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