Can Spinal Manipulation Help Shoulder Pain or Function?

Did you know that one of the main reasons patients visit chiropractors is for shoulder pain? Many people suffer from shoulder impingement syndrome. The good news is, that chiropractors can manage this condition through manual therapies and exercises that target the shoulder joints. This is all done through nonsurgical, conservative treatments.

We will be looking at some studies that show the benefits of shoulder exercises to address shoulder impingement syndrome. Exercise has been proven to provide a better outcome. In addition, manual therapy used on the shoulder has shown benefits. Chiropractors will usually use a combination of both exercise and manual therapy in order to achieve the best outcome.

Recent studies show that using spinal manipulative therapy as treatment for shoulder pain will also lead to better outcomes.

The first study we will be talking about Involves two groups. Participants were either put in a thoracic spine thrust manipulation or a sham treatment group. Before and after treatment, they were asked to perform an arm brace test to assess scapular kinematics And record their current pain levels. The shoulder impingement syndrome patients from the treatment group noted improvements in their pain, while those in the scapular kinematics group did not show improvement.

The second study used a similar method, but instead assessed shoulder joint range of motion. Researchers observed that the mid back thrust manipulation showed improvements in both shoulder pain and range of motion for these patients.

As we can see through the studies spinal manipulation that is applied to the mid back can lessen shoulder pain without any treatment directly on the shoulder. This means that there may be research that suggests mid back dysfunction plays a role in shoulder pain. This means, patients with shoulder pain should receive a thorough examination to identify all possible causes. Doctors of chiropractic specialize in just that. If you are suffering from shoulder pain give us a call today.


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