Can Running Strengthen Knees?


Running is an extremely popular form of exercise, because it can be done pretty much anywhere with no equipment. There is a common belief that running leads to osteoarthritis of the knee. New research has found that running may actually reduce the chances of developing OA, and that it may also improve symptoms in patients who already have it. Back and Body NY will be giving you four tips on how to reduce the risk of running injury so that you can enjoy the workout. 

Practice good form:

Make sure that when you plan to run, start off with a short walk keeping your feet apart about the width of your pelvis. Once you have that down, then you can begin running. A crossover gait can increase the foot or ankles rolling in, the knock knee affect, hip rotation, hip stress, and low back extension. All of the above can lead to many other injuries, including knee injuries. 

Wear the right shoes:

It may not seem that important, but you want to make sure your feet are getting the proper amount of support. Everyone’s feet are different. First, you need to know if you have flat feet or arched feet. If your foot print looks wide, that means you have flat feet. Be sure to look out for a motion control shoe and avoid stiff soled shoes. If your footprint looks skinny, then you have arched feet. A “cushioned” shoe is suggested for you. If your foot is in between both of these, then your best shoe is a stability or neutral shoe. Be sure to replace your shoes every 250 miles!

Avoid progressing too fast:

Many people want to get into shape as quickly as possible. This leads to overtraining which leads to injury. Make sure you use the 10 percent rule. If you ran 10 miles last week, try adding 10 percent eadh run to achieve a total of 11 miles the next week. 

Strength Training:

Use these strength exercises to help strengthen your body overall to perform better in running: Posterior lunge – Stand and reach back with your left leg while squatting down as if to touch your left knee to the floor while bending your right knee Go as far down as you can, keeping the right knee behind your toes. Advanced Clam – Lie on your side, raise the upper leg and rotate the hip in and out slowly. Side Plank Leg Raise – Lie on your side, legs bent and raise the pelvis off the floor (elbow under the shoulder), then raise the upper leg toward the ceiling.

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