Can Nutrients Help with Manhatten Migraines Treatment?

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Did you know that nutrition can play a big part in helping people in Mahatten with migraines? Migraines are very common, according to WHO, up to 18% of women and 6% of men experience a migraine at least once a year.

As more and more research into the condition is done, experts can identify things that may help alleviate the symptoms and thus help patients. One such study in 2017 investigated the relationship between the absence of glucose and the increase in ketone bodies to see what made a difference in migraine sufferers. It was discovered, that a strict ketogenic diet did actually play a part in reducing the effects of migraines. Remember, in a ketogenic diet, its ketones that form the main source of energy. Glucose is typically omitted.

The study was undertaken with 4 female migraine sufferers and they were given a 10g drink which had a specific ketone ingredient in it. They were given it twice a day for a month.

Incredibly, their migraine rate had dropped significantly. Furthermore, they also lost weight due to less glucose in their diet too. A further benefit was that more ketones were in their body which helps with inflammation.

A new study has taken this idea on and increased the study group size to 90 patients and the trial will last for 3 months. The goal is to determine whether this particular supplement can reduce the effects of migraines for patients worldwide, not just Manhatten and to determine any side effects.

Another strong method of dealing with migraines is of course chiropractic care. Our chiropractic care has helped many Manhatten migraine sufferers to better control their condition and enjoy a more fulfilled life. Chiropractors not only help with the physical nature of the body to deal with such things, but can also offer nutritional counselling too.

If you are a Manhatten migraine sufferer, come in and see us. We likely will be able to help you as well.

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