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Caffeine Use in High Intensity Training

If you do Crossfit or high intensity interval training, this article is specifically for you. There’s been a lot of research in the past with caffeine use particularly with marathon runners and tri-athletes. This new research I recently discovered is specifically aimed at the Crossfitters and high intensity trainers among us.

The study consisted of 9 healthy and fit cyclists that had them exercise to the point of exhaustion. They did a double wide study where the next phase of the study consisted of them receiving a placebo and undertaking the exercise again. Finally they were given a caffeine based pill and asked to repeat the exercise one more time.

The two times they were given the placebo or the caffeine they were not told what it was.

The amount of caffeine they were given equated to approximately three 5oz cups of coffee for a 70kg male. The exact dosage worked out at around 5mg per kilo. Both the placebo and the caffeine were given to the study group one hour before they were told to exercise.

The results showed that they had a greater tolerance to high intensity loads with an additional 30% added to their time before they were exhausted when caffeine was in their system compared to not.

So for all you Crossfit and high intensity interval training people out there, if you have the time before you head to the gym, drink a large cup of coffee an hour before you begin your workouts and see if you too benefit from this study. It might help you get a higher workout during your intense exercise.

This research should also be used to create your own strategy to improving your exercise routines and to benefit from the extra output you will hopefully be able to produce. If you know you’re going to the gym at 2, then try and drink a decent amount of coffee around 1. See what happens.

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