The Benefits of Acupuncture After a Strenuous Workout

The ancient, Eastern practice of acupuncture is making inroads in Western healthcare every day.  As millions discover the benefits of this venerable science, they’re turning it as a complementary therapy to combat numerous conditions.

But the benefits of acupuncture after a strenuous workout are being discovered by dedicated athletes.  Relieving muscle and joint pain and improving circulation are just two of the benefits.

Let’s read more about how acupuncture can be a great support to those of us engage in strenuous workouts on a regular basis.

That “Post-Workout” Feeling

If you’re active, you know the feeling I’m talking about.  Your muscles feel satisfyingly sore.  But while that sensation helps you know you’re getting somewhere, it can also signal that you need the help of a medical practitioner, to prevent problems which may arise.

Stretching can certainly help and of course, you need rest following a workout.  But to really feel your best, acupuncture is a solid strategy.  When you work out in “beast mode” as a rule, your body could use the help to keep it functioning optimally.

The “post-workout” feeling is caused by the strain you’ve placed on joints and muscles.  Acupuncture speeds the recovery process by targeting specific areas so they can heal, readying you for your next workout.  The ultra-fine needles used encourage blood flow to the treatment area, which expedites healing and reduces soreness.

Let It Flow

Your circulatory system is in the business of delivering blood to your body and when you’re sore, oxygenated blood is what your body needs.

One of the effects of acupuncture is an increase in the presence of nitric oxide.  This naturally-occurring substance relaxes blood vessels and causes arteries to dilate, allowing blood to flow freely to where it’s needed most.

Increased blood flow also improves endurance, while benefiting your internal organs and reducing inflammation.

An Energy Boost

When your blood is flowing efficiently, your energy levels increase.  That means reduced recovery time between workouts, assisting you to reach your goals more quickly and safely.

While they may seem like side benefits, improved sleep and decreased stress also support your workout routine.  No one wants to hit the gym when they’re played out.  Acupuncture supports your overall wellness for all the reasons stated above and makes you far less susceptible to the deleterious effects of stress.

Regular Care

Athletes who regularly seek out acupuncture care report a heightened sense of overall wellbeing.  Much of this is connected to improved blood circulation which speeds recovery from strenuous exertion.  When your blood flow is continually supported by regular visits to the acupuncturist, you’ll experience an enormous difference in the way you feel.

Your immune system also has a friend in acupuncture, as the discipline is proven to increase T-cell counts.  T-cells are part of your body’s natural defense system against viruses and bacteria, so you’ll see an immediate benefit in terms of immunity to illnesses like colds and flu.

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