Back Pain Care – NYC Residents’ List Of Physical Therapy Benefits

IMG_6340When it comes to back pain care NYC residents should know that specialists employ a multi-pronged approach. A tailored back care program will almost always involve physical therapy. Upper East Side doctors generally prescribe physical therapy to their patients when the back pain has lasted for two to six weeks.

For patients suffering from back pain, physical therapy allows them to achieve three goals. First, the therapist can help ease the pain. Alongside this, therapy allows a patient to regain normalcy in his daily routines. Finally, a seasoned therapist educates his patients regarding exercises and correct movements that can prevent the back pain from recurring.

Treatment begins with a consultation wherein the therapist assesses the patient’s conditions. From there, he will tailor a specialized treatment plan. Typically, a treatment plan is comprised of two components: passive and active physical therapy.

Passive therapy refers to modalities or procedures which are done to a patient. These may include cold laser therapy, medical massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, ultrasound, spinal decompression and flexion-distraction.

These passive modalities are supplemented by back pain exercises. One of the simplest yet most effective exercises for back pain is hamstring stretching. A therapist can also prescribe dynamic lumbar stabilization or core strengthening exercises that a patient can perform in as little as 15 to 20 minutes a day. Therapists also encourage their patients to perform low-impact aerobic exercises like walking, swimming and cycling, which aid in the reduction of pain.

If you are suffering from back pain, the best time to consult a physical therapist is at the soonest possible time. Putting off your appointment with a physical therapist when your pain has become unbearable can lead to long-term disability, permanent damage and costly remedies like surgery.

With the aid of a physical therapist, a patient can learn how to intelligently deal with his back condition. This means learning how to pace oneself when the pain is at bay and how not to be sidelined by pain when it attacks.

In seeking the help of a physical therapist, it is important to look past the quick gains that one can reap. If you have been suffering from back pain for weeks, the appeal of opting for the shorter route is understandable. However, a reputable physical therapist understands that the more important goal that a patient needs to achieve is normalcy in his daily routines. This can be attained through small, consistent gains over a period of time.

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