Back and Body NY on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common entrapment neuropathy / extreme pinched nerve. Most people think that Carpal tunnel syndrome can only affect computer workers or assembly line workers, which is a common misunderstanding. Carpal tunnel syndrome is actually quite common in athletes. Back and Body NY is going to tell you why.

Sports like golf, tennis, cycling, and baseball require the athlete to have a tight grip, lots of repetition, and barely any rest time. The soft tissues in the wrist can become very sensitive and exceed capacity. This stress builds pressure on the median nerve, which results in the carpal tunnel like pains. Numbness, tingling, and many others. Trauma to the wrist can also lead to CTS like symptoms.

A diagnosis of Carpal tunnel syndrome can be found by a large group of tests rather than just one. A person’s history and symptoms are paired with results from the several simple tests, and a diagnosis is made. Sometimes, Carpal tunnel syndrome co-exists with other conditions that can mimic the symptoms of Carpal tunnel syndrome. A nerve conduction test or an electromyography test can be done to clear this up.

Here at Back and Body NY, we can perform mobilization and manipulations to the wrist and other areas like the elbow, shoulder, and neck that run across the median nerve. Some other non invasive treatments include: wearing a wrist splint at night, using anti inflammatories (ginger, turmeric, bioflavonoids), modifications to the sport, managing vocational and non vocational factors that may be putting stress on the wrist, making sure you have other medical problems on control that can contribute to Carpal tunnel syndrome, and doing specific exercises at home to ease the condition.

If you are having wrist pain, make sure to come see us at Back and Body NY. Early intervention with carpal tunnel syndrome is extremely important in getting the best results possible. Do not wait before finding care if you have pain, numbness, or tangling in the wrist, hands, or fingers.

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