Back and Body Medical Top 10 Fitness Apps Part 1

Back and Body Medical Fitness App

At Back and Body Medical, our treatment protocols are very beneficial to sports and active people. Indeed, Dr Perna is a keen athlete himself and has even worked with the Men’s bobsleigh Olympic team, so the team at Back and Body is very well versed in sports injuries and how to deal with them. The past year has been tough on sports with the pandemic, and we’ve seen huge shifts away from the gym to apps that we can work with at home.

What we’re going to do, is over the course of two articles, this and a follow up one, look at some of the top fitness apps available. Maybe you already use one or maybe you’re on the lookout for another. This handy guide should hopefully be able to help you.


This is a great little app that has a free basic version and an upgradeable membership to coach for less than $2 a week. The cool thing about this app is it’s a great go to for simple workouts and has emphasis on bodyweight exercises. It has a community which even the basic option allows you access to.

This is the perfect app to start with, check out the basic functions and then upgradeable to more exclusive exercises, video workouts and access to AI coach for more exercise and workouts.


This app is great for runners. It allows users to track walks, runs and other physical activities. It is totally free, has a massive community of some 50 million users. It’s great for building up to train for races, marathons or simply to improve your pace and lose weight.

We love it because it is free and has GPS tracking as well. Getting fit for free is rarely a bad thing.

Map My Run

This is one of the original apps from way back and as such has a massive bank of features that have been added onto over the years. There’s over 70 million running routes for a start so you should never get bored with running the same course over and over.

Not only is it great for running, but it has over 600 other activities which can be tracked. It’s even able to track your shoe mileage and suggest when to replace them!

Yoga Studio

A more gentle way of keeping flexible and in shape, our friend yoga. It has over 70 ready made classes that last up to an hour from beginner to advanced. Classes are customizable and you can even specify what you’re looking to focus on (strength, relaxation etc).

There are plenty of instructions for over 280 poses. Furthermore, these classes can even sync to your calendar so you never forget to do one.


The final app in this article, Sworkit is a simple workout app with high quality exercises. Indeed it’s rated number 1 by the American College of Sports Medicine!

Set goals and plans for what you want to achieve along with your level, and the app will provide you with the workouts to do. The free plan is available for 7 days but it’s well worth the upgrade fee for simple to use continued workouts.

So these are the first five, we’ll take a look at the next five in our follow up article.

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