Auto Accident Injury Treatment Near Me on the Upper East Side, NYC

Driving in winter scares me.  I rarely feel safe and I’m always looking out for crazy drivers when roads are icy.

But no matter how attentively you drive, accidents happen.  You can’t control other people’s driving, so no matter how defensively you drive, it may be your special day.

Recently, I had an encounter with a driver who was going too fast.  I was stopped at the intersection.  Ice was everywhere.  I saw the car coming in the rearview, but I couldn’t escape what happened next, as cars were going through the intersection.

The vehicle I was rear-ended by slid into me at some speed.  The impact snapped my head back and then forward. In the aftermath, I felt nothing.  But hours later, I knew I was hurt.  The pain was not fun to wake up to, at 3 am.

Back & Body Medical.

I’d already been to Back & Body, so I knew where to find relief.  They’d treated me with terrific chiropractic care before, so I knew they could treat my whiplash, with auto accident injury treatment near me on the Upper East Side, NYC.

I’m a total fan of this highly-respected clinic, because it works with 4 distinct disciplines to deliver personalized care plans, tailored to the needs of their patients.  As I mentioned above, Back & Body offers superior chiropractic care, but they also offer physical therapy, acupuncture and sports medicine.

I arrived for my consultation with total confidence and confidence is so crucial to the healing process.  The more invested you are in your treatment, the more successful it will to be.

The multi-disciplinarian approach.

Back & Body is much more than a collection of therapeutic models at one facility.  This clinic employs multi-disciplinarian care as an effective way to address pain.   Auto accident injury treatment near me On the Upper East Side, NYC at Back & Body has won awards because of this contemporary, diversified approach.

The Back & Body chiropractor performed a thorough examination and then, ordered diagnostic to properly assess the extent of the injury.  Next, he told me that the preferred way forward for a successful resolution would be combining the expertise of a physical therapist with his own.

With a program of care purpose-built for me, it wasn’t long before the pain began to recede.  The exceptional practitioners at this Upper East Side clinic got me back to feeling like myself. No more pain.  It’s almost like my car accident never even happened.

A model that works.

I was so grateful I’d had previous experience with the care at Back & Body Medical.   I’m sharing the news as a recommendation to anyone who’s suffered an auto accident injury.

Auto accident injury treatment near me on the Upper East Side, NYC is impressively effective and practiced at the highest possible level at this facility.  It’s a model that works.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, you need Back & Body Medical.  Contact them for outstanding care.

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