Just in Time for the Holidays: Athletic Recovery Services

athletic recovery

Fitness buffs will know all about HIIT – high intensity interval training.  This style of training has taken the fitness world by storm, featuring short periods of high-intensity training, following by brief periods of rest.

But the thing with exercise trends is that people go hard – too hard.  That can lead to injuries, so the latest entrant for the fitness market is athletic recovery services.

And I’m pleased to announce that Back & Body Medical is now offering them!  Just in time for the Holidays:  athletic recovery services.  We’re proud to support weekend warriors and professional athletes alike, so we’ve added these services to our roster.  Let’s find out more about them.

All or Nothing

There’s a strong “all or nothing” attitude when it comes to fitness training.  Many people subject their bodies to high-intensity workouts as many as 5 or even 6 days a week.  But your body, while it needs exercise, also needs rest.  And some of us, in the pursuit of fitness Nirvana, go overboard.

While you’re working out, micro-tears are forming in your muscles.  This is part of the training process but for it to be successful, your body needs a break so it can heal them.  Otherwise, you’re training in vain.

Cadillac Recovery

Every active person knows that recovery after a workout is important, so we do what we’re supposed to do.  We use the foam roller.  We stretch.  But when you’re in recovery mode, you’re not just sitting on the couch.  You’re performing some basic maintenance activities that speed and support recovery.

And the professional sports world has devised some smart ways to do this.  While everyone was “HIIT-ing” it too hard, recovery was being actively studied by professional trainers and athletes and that’s resulted in the “Cadillac recovery” approach.

The Right Tools

Tom Brady is well-known for his active recovery planning.  He credits it with getting him through Super Bowl 90.  Using tools like infrared saunas, a recovery plan that encourages your body to heal includes a complex of activities and therapies.

Devices which use compression and vibration to loosen and treat damaged muscles are employed.  And when you come to Back & Body for athletic recovery services, you’re coming to full-service facility, employing medical professionals from the disciplines of chiropractic, acupuncture, sports medicine and physical therapy.  That’s a huge resource for athletes who are diligent about caring for their bodies and ensuring they’re good to go.

You Need It!

We’re all aware we should give our bodies a chance to recover from intense exercise, but we don’t all do it.  Do you floss your teeth?  Well, think of athlete recovery services as flossing for fitness buffs.  It’s something you need to do to support a body you ask a lot of.  Just as you care for your teeth, you need to give your body some love and an intentional approach to recovery that keeps you in optimal shape.

Lay a firm foundation for your continuing high performance with athletic recovery services at Back & Body Medical.  Contact us.

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