images789798Physical therapy electrical stimulation in Harlem can be used to provide pain relief for those suffering from muscle pain caused by a sports injury, illness, or surgery. Acute pain after a sports injury or surgery can reduce mobility and range of motion. If ignored it can lead to long term pain and loss of quality of life. Instead you should contact a primary care physician who can refer you to an official and designated physical therapist.

Selecting the Right Physical Therapies

A physical therapist will examine your condition and determine the best treatments for you. This can include a range of physical therapies including cold laser treatment, ultrasound treatment, and physical therapy electrical stimulation in Harlem depending on the injury type and your physical condition.

Benefits of Physical Therapy Electrical Stimulation to Treat Muscle Pain

If you are prescribed physical therapy electrical stimulation in Harlem, you will undergo what is called a TENS procedure. This is the short form for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. In this procedure an adhesive sheet with electrodes in placed over the damaged muscles. The electrodes are positioned to ensure that the correct muscles are stimulated. Short bursts of electricity are then applied to the electrodes in a controlled manner to stimulate the muscles they are attached to.

The muscles then contract as they would if you were exercising them. Most patients do not experience any pain during the procedure. The contraction of the muscles leads to poignant and terrific blood circulation to them, helping to hasten the healing process.

Advantages of Medication-Free Pain Relief Treatment

The TENS procedure also provides short term pain relief in the case of acute muscle pain. This happens because the stimulated nerve endings are shut off and are unable to transmit the pain signals to the brain.

Benefits of Using a Non-Invasive Procedure in Muscle Damage

The physical therapy electrical stimulation in Harlem is a non-invasive procedure. It also does not require any medication in the form of pain killers. This means that the risk of infection from surgical cuts and the risk of side effects from the pain killers are minimized.

Electrical Stimulation as a Vital Component of Treatment in Acute Muscle Pain

Physical therapy electrical stimulation in Harlem is a vital component of the treatment of acute muscle pain. Though this procedure does not deal with the root cause of the pain, it provides the patient with pain relief in the short term and ensures that their range of motion and mobility is not reduced. Moreover, the additional blood flow induced ensures quicker healing.

Back & Body Medical offers custom physical therapy electrical stimulation in Harlem for patients suffering from acute muscle pain and helps the patient get through the day feeling much better.

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