Are Stronger Kids Smarter Kids in NYC?

We all know the benefits of good physical exercise are for your health. It’s why we see so many people running through Central park or walking the streets of the city. A healthy and active life yields many benefits that have been very well documented in the past, but now research is suggesting that there’s another benefit to an active and physical lifestyle… cognitive function, particularly in children.

A study was published in the April 2017 edition of Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise publication. It looked at 79 children aged between 7 and 9 and observed their rate of exercise and compared it to their academic scores.

They found that those children who were more active in sports or physical exercise had a greater “muscle score” as you might expect. The key is that they also had a better memory. So this is an added bonus to the already well known physical benefits of exercise; the improved cognitive function and improved memory.

If ever there was a need to encourage your kids to go out and play sports or be active this is it. While playing on computers and consols has its time and place, ultimately it’s the getting the kids out in the open air and running and being physically active that will make the difference not only physically, but mentally too.

Not to mention the improved confidence that this will also bring them along with feeling and being better. Bottom line, get those kids out and being active!

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