Another Good Reason Why You Should Remain Fit in Manhatten

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If you exercise, does that mean that your organs work better? 

Today’s study looks at the correlation between cardiovascular fitness and the ability of the liver to function. The liver is very instrumental in filtering out the toxins in the body. The study believes that if there is an increase in fat around the liver that there will be a less likelihood of the liver to heal and remove toxins from the body.

So if you have a fatty liver, it doesn’t do well at filtering and it doesn’t heal itself well.

They looked at the cardiovascular fitness of 463 people. They use what is called an upper body ergometer (looks like an upper body bicycle where people pedal with the upper body). They tested their fitness, and found that people who are more cardiovascularly fit had less likelihood of having a fatty liver.

They found this out by doing a test by using the upper body ergometer and then using an ultrasound machine to look at the liver and see if it was a fatty liver. The study says with an increased fitness level, there is an inverse proportional to having a fatty liver.

In other words, better fitness, better liver, less likely a fatty liver. This also took things into a count like smoking and alcohol use.

The benefits of being fit are many. As well as the obvious health benefits, we see in this study that organs also benefit from an active lifestyle. And ultimately, in terms of what we do at Back and Body, being fit and active helps decrease the chances of back pain dramatically by having a strong core.

Stay fit, stay healthy but come and see us if you are having pain.

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